Happy Birthday

Right now I am thinking about...

*The sweet sounds of Neko Case at last night's birthday (my mom's) concert. Mom is the darling baby in the middle with my Grandma.
*How lucky we were to have such a perfect night.
*The food my Aunts are cooking for the continued celebration this weekend.
*These gorgeous earrings.
*How nice is feels when big projects are finally in the mail.
*Blueberry picking. Hopefully, they are ripening despite the awfully cold weather.

What are your weekend plans? I hope they are fabulous! xoxo- A.


Anonymous said...

Blogging & Blogging - Thats it.
Have a nice weekend. Enjoy !

Char said...

your mom and i share a birthday! so i loved my birthday dinner last night with family and friends and tomorrow we will go to a baseball game. so much fun.

those earrings are great.

Beth said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! I first heard Neko Case on Lipstick Jungle (and I'm not embarassed to say I am a middle-aged woman who loved that show!). Anyway, I bet that was a great concert.

This weekend I am going to be working on a freelance writing project, helping a friend pack to move to an adorable house she recently purchased, and hopefully taking a walk on the beach when the sun appears. Enjoy!

x said...

dear alicia,

i am completely in love for your photographs, and all your texts. you are an incredible photographer, and your family seems (and i'm sure it is) so happy and peacefull.

it is so good that you have decided to share all the little details, and the happiness of your life. the world feels thankful, for sure.
i love photography, and you made me feel so inspired.

i'll start a blog, in the next few days and would like to know if you don't mind of me illustrating my texts with some of your photographs, perfectly identificated. it wouuld be a pleasure!

i will invite you to visit it, but unfortunately, the texts will be in my mother tongue portuguese, that, despite it is a wonderful language is not so accessible as english.

congratulations for your work, and thank you so much for all the beauty you've showed me.