Leave it to sfgirlbybay to get me daydreaming about Paris again... (as if that didn't already happen frequently enough.) Thank you for being wonderful you, Victoria!
Coincidentally, the last 3 photos shown are the polaroids I've enlarged and printed big for my kitchen. It's good to have nice view when cleaning up and drying dishes.
xoxo- A.


Char said...

I cannot visit but your photography makes me feel as if I have. So beautiful.

Chris said...

This is the second post I've seen today that's Paris related. I can see why you'd dream about it. Great shot!

Georgia B. said...

beautiful shot.

KLBK said...

in my imagination it could even be a fun water slide ;)

Anonymous said...

Where o where do you have your polaroids enlarged??? i recently went to paris and took tons of polaroids but ive not any idea where to enlarge them. please help! thank you thank you!