All is a big blur these last few weeks... lots of time in the car, back and forth to the beach, taking more photos than I will get to in a year. It is exactly how summer should be. I am home for a few days working on orders and doing the unpack and repack dance. In case you were wondering it is a little like the hokey pokey... you put your dirty clothes in, you get your clean clothes out...there is some shaking it involved, repeat, repeat, repeat.(I am getting pretty good at it.)
I have so much I am excited to share with you... but first I must give a thanks to those who have been so sweet to me lately with interviews and much kindness on their sites. I hope you will become regular readers. It doesn't get any better than these wonderful women!
*Melissa Loves: Tea and Talk Interview
*Artists Who Blog
*The Bride's Guide

Other things making my day are:
Susannah's writing... which I couldn't agree with more. I have never been one to be excited to get out of bed on Monday mornings until now.
These treats from Paris... maybe you shouldn't look. I will not be responsible for any addiction or weight gain. You have been warned. (If you must, order the Trocadero.)


I will remember....

1. seagulls in flight
2. everything is new
3.that one perfect wave right in the middle
4.bikes on the pier
5.the wind in her hair
6. messy, peel-apart polaroids
7.the sunny day that followed the stormy night.


When the rain finally stopped we headed straight for the strawberry fields.
And, the air was suddenly warm.
As were the berries.
Washed clean by the rain.


This is what made me leave today. Just the thought of it. You know...when the sunlight reflects so strongly off the water it hurts your eyes. But, you can't help but look at the sparkle. Maybe it won't be raining at the lake, those storms do blow right over sometimes...
Have a fun weekend! - A.


This week has not gone according to plan. So, instead of the exploring I had hoped for this week, I am home for a few days... unsure of what to do. I don't like feeling so indecisive. And, I don't like waiting when my bags are packed. Luckily, I found some lovely summer inspiration while waiting for the rain to pass. Enjoy!
1. ., 2. The North Star over Yosemite, 3. Untitled, 4. diamonds, 5. oh, sound., 6. Untitled


Good Evening...
So many good things are going on today...
1. I am so thrilled to be a part of Kindred. I love Holly and Ez's vision.
2.The kindred photograph(shown above) is also in my shops!
3. A new month of Poppytalk Handmade starts today. I love all the seasonally themed goodness.
4. Our set of the day is so summery and light.
Cheers! -A.


10 Things to Love on a Monday...

* Expired Polaroid file (I was mad/disappointed when I found out the "new" film I ordered on Ebay expired in 2005!, but a sunny evening made me change my mind.)
* Croquet: Even when I lose terribly, it is still fun.
* Colorful supplies from the mailman.
* Enough rain that I can skip watering the garden today, and tomorrow too.
*Talking about Oregon over a glass of wine.
*Eating outside 3 nights in a row.
*Listening to 6 year old girls talk on the phone... who knew it would start so early.
* A new pairing. I love the color and lines.
* Self-portraits.


Thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments and special memories. They were truly filled with the very best of summer. My own list includes:

* Watching the kids catch fireflies in their p.j.'s
* Sandcastles
* The smell of warm strawberries in the field
* Backyard barbecues
* Swimming at the lake

Congratulations to Steph Johnson and
PaperdayStudio/Katie Stephenson.
A mini-print set will soon be on it's way to each of you!

Have a fabulous, summer filled weekend!


It's a good day for hanging out in the garden with S.P.
Though I think she is mad at me for interrupting her hunt.


Leave it to sfgirlbybay to get me daydreaming about Paris again... (as if that didn't already happen frequently enough.) Thank you for being wonderful you, Victoria!
Coincidentally, the last 3 photos shown are the polaroids I've enlarged and printed big for my kitchen. It's good to have nice view when cleaning up and drying dishes.
xoxo- A.


Giveaway and Sale!

Today seems like a good day for celebrating.... What are we celebrating you ask? How about the (unofficial) start of summer, and this little blog turning 3 years old! To say thank you I will be sending mini-prints sets to two readers. Just leave me a comment with your favorite summer memory or activity.
Two winners will be randomly and announced on Friday. (Comments open until Thursday at Midnight.)

Also, today is the last day of the spring sale in my shop!