weekend reading...

A few weeks before I left for Paris, I stumbled upon David Lebovitz's site and became an instant fan. I printed out all his Paris recommendations, and then in between worrying about missing my flight, and consoling the whaling children I was leaving behind, my papers remaind on the edge of my desk. One of the few things I remembered from the list was L'as du Falafel. And, I am thankful everyday for this bit of wisdom because it was my favorite afternoon in Paris. Even if I didn't love Paris as much as I do, I would go back again just to eat there.

As of today I am only 58 pages through Davids new book, The Sweet Life in Paris (less than 1/4 of the book), but I think that is enough for me to declare my love. The charming tales of life in the city, the bits of French scattered about, (proving that those 2 years of high school french were of some use), topped off with David's delicious recipes. Yes, it is love.
I want nothing more this weekend than to sit in the grass and finish it so that I can start on his previous book, The Perfect Scoop. I have just barely skimmed through it (mostly just looking at the pretty pictures, of course.) And, am now dreaming of an old-fashioned, neighborhood ice cream social on a late July evening.

Needless to say I have dozens of tomatoes, peppers and basil plants that aren't going to dig their own way into the ground, (adding to that a birthday party, potential barbecue and prints to ship.) My weekend looks quite full. But, if you have a bit more time to spend underneath a big shade tree I would highly recommend David's books.

P.S. I am currently trying to figure out which type of ice cream maker to buy.
If you have one you really love, please let me know. Right now I am leaning towards the kitchen aid attachment. But, am open to advice.

Have a great weekend! xoxo- A.


“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air…” -Ralph Waldo Emerson


the start of something good

... have a lovely weekend. xoxo- A.


one word



This is a love story

Scenes from a wonderful weekend... (there's one more here. )
Hope your week is off to a good start!


I discovered MADSEN Cargo Bikes on Bliss today, and fell in love.
Think of all the shoes I could haul home from the mall...
One thing is for sure. That bike is magic. Look how happy they all look. Those kids can actually sit in a small space together without touching and kicking each other. Whatever they have is what I want.
You can try to win one too!


Making some wishes for the week ahead...
*No rain, so we can have a picnic with friends on Wednesday.
*A weekend of dirty hands, weeding, and planting.
*Something from this shop... I just love the thought of it.
*Somehow getting caught up. I don't know what that feels like, but it really sounds nice.
*A break from weeding to go to the Art festival. Where the kids will proclaim their need for more tie dyed shirts. Is a fondness for tie dye genetic? I think so.
*Searching for more dandelions... well, not much of a search, they are everywhere this week.

What are your plans for the week ahead?


Today is turning into a much busier day than expected, but I just wanted to stop in and say hello! (Hello!)
And, let you know I finally added some new Paris Postcards to my shop. I love them! So shiny and pretty, full of my favorite Paris treats.
I've also updated my Paris collection on my website too.
Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo- A.


Polaroid: alive and well all over the world. Here are a few more of my favorites from this week...
New York
Hong Kong
En Route...


an evening in May

Inspired by Polaroid week, I got my 340 out of the closet tonight. And, we fumble through a pack of film. The poor neglected polaroid of the house. I don't have a manual for it, so everything is an experiment. It is so different from the sx70 I am used to, with no depth of field. Peel apart film is so messy, but there is still that same sense of wonder as any polaroid, the waiting to see what will become. There is a timer on my camera, but I make the girls count to 60 for me instead. It seems to work well.
So this is it, what you'd see if you were here right at this very minute.... Puffy clouds, my wonderful crab apple in full bloom, bikes awaiting their nightly ride, and kids playing in fresh cut grass (see if you can find the turtle and frog the girls are holding.)

The best 340 shots I have seen are here.
Have a wonderful night. xoxo- A.



Just a quick few for Miss M, who was probably not much older than N.J. when we first met here. And, now graduating in a few weeks.
Have you ever seen such gorgeous hair? She is probably so sick of me saying that. I think it was all I talked about the whole night. What a lovely night it was. xoxo- A.