Wednesday's Story

On a cool morning, twenty young adventurers set of on a great quest through muddy forests, and over high bridges.
In search of the great pond their teachers had taught them so much about, they dodged raindrops as they walked.
After proclaiming their journey a success. They came home and took long naps.
The End...


L~ said...

sounds lovely, the nap part! Seeing what you're learning is so awesome!

Char said...

lovely - there is something so sweet and timeless about watching children learn. the light when it clicks on in their eyes is priceless.

Simonsen Family said...

I just love your pictures!!!!
What kind of camera and lens do you have??????
Beautiful pictures!!!

Lots of Love,

Camillas Foto said...

What a lovely Wednesday and so beautyful you photographed it.

Alicia said...

These were all with the Canon 5D, and 50mm, f1.4 lens.

99% of the time I prefer a prime lens over a zoom.

Thanks so much for your kindness!

beth said...

I love stories like this...especially with such a happy ending !!!

Anonymous said...

these are adorable, i love your photos, you always capture a moment so well, although shame about that horrible spider hahaha! xxx