little things- thursday edition

Today I:

*smiled at my girl riding her vintage Schwinn.
*helped the kids save a mouse from the cat... (though I am sure she will find him someday, and he will not be as lucky.)
*successfully made my first hamburgers, and put them on the grill. (Grill cooking has always been my husband's area, but tonight I got recruited to help.)
* bought a pretty summer dress, and if the weatherman is right I can wear it tomorrow!
*talked about Magnolias with Matt (who has the best tree in town... soon to bloom.)
*was thankful that the mailman was a friendly one today (seems like we have someone new everyday. And some take my armful of packages more eagerly than others.)
*made plans to get my bike from storage tomorrow for weekend riding (won't you join me!)


beth said...

I can relate...that grilling is men's work...including touching the raw hamburger or the raw chicken that needs to be grilled...I'll make the salad, thank you very much !!!

Char said...

sounds like a wonderful day....and yay for women rocking the grill. I love to grill out.

trupeach said...

sounds like a perfectly pleasant day. love the photo!

getting stuff done said...

Hi - this ia actually a response to an earlier post of yours looking for music. I thought, being a paris lover, you might appreciate FIP


Where you can listen to some brilliant music, and find out who plays it. its insanely eclectic, and they tend to bunch a genre together for about an hour at a time, so persevere. But also ITS FRENCH. So very French. And a sort of bohemian artsy french. We get it transmitted via the airwaves in Brighton - for some reason a fan of it, decided to boost the transmission received from France to a small area here. It has many fans. Me being one, obviously. But for some beautiful, girly music, there will be some gems. recently I discovered a band called First Aid Kit. And every day there is something.

megan and melissa said...

I agree with the others that left comments...your day sounds lovely. I would love to go on a bike ride. I love it when the days are so warm and the soft wind blows at you as you ride. Sounds great doesn't it! Where did you get your daughters vintage Schwinn?

Karin Grow said...

I just took my bike for a spin today. So fantastic! I can't wait till it warms up here again so I can ride everyday.
I am in total awe of your work. You have such a great eye for capturing the simple beauties of everyday life. take care, Karin

kethes said...

yea.. lovely day.... btw im kethes... greetings from malaysia... pliz do visit me ya and leave some comments..

Suzy ~ lorenzstudio said...

I love the painterly quality of this photograph!

Lucie said...

wow, ur blog is AMAZING

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a fulfilling day! It was refreshing to read this (: