Sometimes the last days are even better than the first for a blooming tree, because when the wind blows, sweet pink petals float to the ground, like a delicate, pale snow. (But, SO much nicer than real snow!)

(The 2nd photo was clearly inspired by dear Susannah, who's own picture is a million times better than mine. But, I was there with the shoes so I had to take a shot. xoxo- A.)


Wednesday's Story

On a cool morning, twenty young adventurers set of on a great quest through muddy forests, and over high bridges.
In search of the great pond their teachers had taught them so much about, they dodged raindrops as they walked.
After proclaiming their journey a success. They came home and took long naps.
The End...


Still on my mind...


The week is off to a good start. I picked this up from the bookstore this morning! The wonderful staff at Better Homes and Gardens couldn't have been nicer to work with. (The 4 photos they used on the wall are: Half the Sky, On Holiday, Swimming at the Grand, Part I, and Cotton Candy.) And, the cover has me dreaming of going strawberry picking and fresh whip cream.


little things- thursday edition

Today I:

*smiled at my girl riding her vintage Schwinn.
*helped the kids save a mouse from the cat... (though I am sure she will find him someday, and he will not be as lucky.)
*successfully made my first hamburgers, and put them on the grill. (Grill cooking has always been my husband's area, but tonight I got recruited to help.)
* bought a pretty summer dress, and if the weatherman is right I can wear it tomorrow!
*talked about Magnolias with Matt (who has the best tree in town... soon to bloom.)
*was thankful that the mailman was a friendly one today (seems like we have someone new everyday. And some take my armful of packages more eagerly than others.)
*made plans to get my bike from storage tomorrow for weekend riding (won't you join me!)


bit of earth

Today, N.J. and her friend came to the door with muddy hands holding the biggest worm I have seen here. (And, she has shown us a fair share of worms.) I am so happy they have this bit of land to dig in, with worms to find, and seeds to plant.

Be sure the visit these earthy inspirations below from my favorite photographers...
Thank you all for showing us the world through your lens.

1. Untitled, 2. +, 3. friday naturey crap, 4. A sentinela, 5. Untitled, 6. Rainstorm near Kayenta, 7. Copie de IMG.6948, 8. Untitled, 9. Bambi, 10. I..., 11. blue skies at the beach, 12. Untitled


through the polaroid

Just when I thought I had discovered all of the magnolia trees in the city, I found a new one.


the beginning...

The week I have waited for is finally here. But, after snow last week, and the threat of more tonight, they seem a little unsure this year. Scared to fully open, in fear of another freeze. Their branches less full of blooms. Still, I love them just the same.
I have been trying to read up a little this morning on magnolias. There are so many types, but it seems Michigan is only suitable for growing, Star (shown above), and Tulip (or their hybrid the "Saucer"). I am dreaming of a nice spring roadtrip, south in search of a lovely grandiflora.
...maybe next year.


Well my friends, the party is officially over...
On the morning I was leaving Paris, I packed, and my very sweet mom, searched the streets of Montmarte for an open boulangerie so I could have a couple fresh baguettes to tuck into my suitcase. I planned to save them, and hid them in the freezer as soon as I got home. But, I couldn't stop thinking about them. And, when J.K. and I were in the mood for a quick bite we knew nothing else would do. So happy we were eating the last one, the very last one, with a little chevre on the side. If there was ever a better snack, I'd love to know.
Hope your weekend is filled with sweet treats! -A.


If Paris Was A Color, It Would Be Purple.

These photos make my heart ache a bit. They are the most dear to me, and sum up the whole reason I made that 16 hour (each way) journey. To see the sunrise over the city was magic, feeling peacefully alone, yet part of something so big.


It's starting to feel a bit like spring here:
*The snow has melted.
*Eggs collected (4 for J.K.!)
*Overly ambitious home improvement projects abound.

Have a wonderful weekend! -A.


Paris- Day 2

It was so cold this morning that my polaroids won't develop properly. But, these are the first blossoms I have seen in Paris, and the first I have seen this spring. I keep trying anyway.


Just a few steps ahead, they disappeared into a quiet doorway.

More Paris on Monday. Have a lovely weekend!

P.S. I've started a little collection of my favorites here.


Day 1

Paris Day 1: Views from our apartment. Top is the first polaroid I shot there, immediately after dropping my bags and letting out a big gasp.

* Because I was so tired of always saying "next year".
*Because this year it is 20 years since my last visit.
*Because it was my birthday, and I imagined waking up in Paris on your birthday was as good as it gets. (It is.)
*Because my mom and friend were waiting for me there.
*Because I was craving some good falafel, and needed a new scarf.
*Because I really do love Paris in the springtime.