Leah Giberson

When I was little we lived in several houses. My favorite felt just like this, complete with an old diving board and slide, surrounded by lots of gray cement. So it's no wonder I keep drifting back to Leah Giberson's work. I love her use of color, and her process really intrigues me.
Someday I hope to have a house with a nice pool, but until then I am just wishing for a few of Leah's prints to gaze at. (She has an etsy shop too!) Enjoy!


Char said...

beautiful paintings - I remember going to the community pool like this.

Leah Giberson said...

Alicia - Thanks so much for the nice words. It means the world to me to hear that my work resonates with others.

AnNicole @ OurSuburbanCottage said...

Beautiful paintings!

I just received a packet of postcards from you and they're WONDERFUL. Thanks so much (I'm the gal in Oklahoma). I've been a lurker on your blog for a while now, and I loooove your work.

Have a great weekend!

spread your wings said...

love he paintings. reminds me of David Hockney

Bruno said...

Indeed, the likeliness of Hockney is obvious. Although these paintings feel much 'cooler' to me. The emptiness of the paintings create a special atmosphere.