I thought by the time I got to this post I would have something better to say about the plane ticket I have in my hand, but just the thought of it brings happy tears to my eyes, and my stomach...what a mess of butterflies. So, I am just going to go, and slip away quietly. And, I'll be back late next week.

My shops are open, but I won't have internet access, so all orders and questions will be processed quickly when i return. Thanks so much for your support. I can't wait to share some new photos with you soon!
xoxo- A.


Leah Giberson

When I was little we lived in several houses. My favorite felt just like this, complete with an old diving board and slide, surrounded by lots of gray cement. So it's no wonder I keep drifting back to Leah Giberson's work. I love her use of color, and her process really intrigues me.
Someday I hope to have a house with a nice pool, but until then I am just wishing for a few of Leah's prints to gaze at. (She has an etsy shop too!) Enjoy!


If there was a Project Runway for the kindergarten set, N.J. would so be there with her tape and scissors. Tape being her preferred method of adhesion since she isn't yet allow to use the sewing machine on her own. No bit of fabric is safe when she has her mind set on an idea. I love her resourcefulness, the pictures in her sketch book, and the first shirt she made she made out of plain white office paper. I love that our afternoons look like this.



The sunshine never feels better than in the greenhouse in March.

Thank you all so much for all your musical suggestions. I knew you wouldn't disappoint. I am looking forward to a lazy Sunday morning when I can listen to them all.

Happy Friday,
Happy Spring,
Happy (almost) birthday to my love. xoxo.- A.


1. Bokeh Melody, 2. Overcast, 3. Untitled, 4. Norte y Sur

I need a little favor. I think I ask this every year as I restart my morning walk/run routine.... some new music suggestions please. Something I can find on itunes, because I am musically lazy.
It doesn't have to be anything fast or motivating. I like slow and girly is good, it helps calm my mind.
Thanks in advance. I know you'll find me something good!


A Monday In March

Today I was "that" girl...
The one who put on her flip-flops,
gave the neighborhood kids popsicles,
opened the sunroof, and turned up the radio.
All because it reached 60 degrees.
And, I just might do it tomorrow too.

xoxo- A.


6 Things- Friday Edition

Today I am daydreaming about:

1. new summer sandals, any of these would do:
* Corso Como Santorini
* Clarks Erda (I saw these in person, at the mall. Even more lovely.)
* Dansko Sissy
* Bernardo Matrix

2. summer highlights in my hair, natural or man-made. I would take either at this point.

3. making this for dinner this weekend, mmmm.

4. followed by this to drink.

5. how cute this little cupcake stand, would be next to my big pink cake stand.

6. shooting lots of polaroids this tomorrow, because it is supposed to be sunny!

Cheers! -A.


sweet magnolia song

I am hoping these will make those snowflakes I see blowing past my window melt away.
It seems as though I cannot resist my magnolia files. I have taken more than I could ever go through over the years, but all I can think about is that they will be blooming again in just a few weeks. My camera is ready. The trees will be the same ones I always visit, but every year the light upon them is different.

To keep them all organized, I've started a new gallery. Enjoy!



This weekend I was searching for something on Amazon.com. I can't remember what, because I got distracted when I saw this. (You can see a much larger version there if you click on the image.) I have always wondered about book publishing, and how cover art is created, and now I know a bit more, since my number 8 photograph was chosen for the cover! I would love to work with more publishers, if you are out there... It was a great experience.

This shot is the paperback version of Mudbound, which will be in stores on the 17th. Has anyone read it?



Don't you know... stripes are in this season.
Actually, that very well may not be true. I just found these all in the same file and thought they were cute.

In other news, Monday I sent out a tiny newsletter, if you didn't get it, you didn't miss much. I was mainly just testing out my new system, which will hopefully lead to more frequent updates. But, I did mention a tiny sale that I am having in my Etsy shop. Its only on a few prints that I have too many extras of, and one lovely (but slightly damaged print) I would love to see go to a good home soon. If I had an extra 20" of wall space, it is the first thing that would go up. Alas, my home and office are small and I would love to clear a little space and do some spring organizing.

In other, other, news I saw a Robin today and the first leaves of my daffodils peeking out of the ground. No matter what the calendar says I declare it officially spring!

(If you want to join the mailing list, you can sign up here.)

xoxox- A.


March, March, March I really love you. (Shhh, don't tell the other months, but you are indeed my favorite.)

Birds, birthdays, longer days, bits of green. I appreciate each moment that there isn't snow, like today. Finally.

Starting the month off with a sweet surprise from the wonderful people at Photojojo didn't hurt either. Wow, thank you! Everyone on the list is fabulous so please visit all of their sites (many have Etsy shops.) If you're not getting the Photojojo newsletter, start today.
Cheers! -A.

(Thank you to all of you who express interest in the photos today. They are now all on my website and in the etsy shop! )