I am extremely honored to be a guest on one of my most favorite blogs today... I do hope you'll take the journey with me over to Bliss!
Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo- A.


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I was really looking forward to getting a lot of work done this morning, but my now sick boy had other plans for me. He skipped school, I skipped work and we watched the sunny morning turned to rain.

While the boy was finally drifting back to sleep on my lap I browsed flickr and look what I found, enough sunshine to brighten any day. So, if you need these, like me, click away. You won't be disappointed.




Happy Monday...What's new?
I am glad to see so many of you will be making soup soon.
The photo above is leftover from my favorite things shoot. I love how well Susannah and I came together today. (And, if you're wondering, we never talk about our photos before hand. So when they really match up well it is extra lovely.)

This week has started out with a bang, and I have a feeling it is going to fly by.
If your day needs a little excitement head on over to The Blah, Blah, Blahg where I am happily participating in the Brightside Project.
xoxo- A.



We have completely worn ourselves out this week. I have one sick little girl to show for it and fear I am not far behind her.
On a day like this, the only thing that sounds good to me is soup, especially this soup.
I made it a few weeks ago, and am still thinking about how good it was. You can't go wrong with a recipe that combines my four favorite food groups, cream, butter, bacon and wine. The only alteration I make is skipping the last step where you mix it up in the blender. I like to keep my potatoes in nice chunks. (And, by the time it is done I am usually too impatient, and just want to get eating.)


Yesterday, just for a minute, I swear it smelled like this. Then the cold rain washed it all away. But, it was a very good moment anyway.


winter travels

we've spent the last few days in the car.
just looking out the window at the blur of everything we passed.
old trees, ice shanties, melting snow, one bald eagle and a some buffalo.
it is good to be home.


Scenes from a winter weekend...