12 Things...

1. I have been in love with cross country skiing since I was 9 or 10.
2. When I was little I would spend hours just skiing around our small backyard.
3. I would still like to do that, but think the neighbors would talk.
4. Two babies and a broken foot forced me to take a few years off.
5. I don't have a good excuse for last year.
6. I plan on making up for lost time over the next few weeks.
7. I can ski and take pictures at the same time.
8. I am completely obsessed with pale, pink skies... I blame these photos.
9. Bear with me as I work through this phase.
10. I am also obsessed with pine trees.
11. See #9.
12. I have started a new gallery on my website for my winter treasures.


Char said...

these are gorgeous shots

Kasey said...

oooh, i will go check out that little gallery!
what lovely photo's on your day out.

paintchipgirl said...

Hi Alicia,
Your perspective of color and texture and light is beautiful. I share your love of pale pink skies. Also a Michigan native, I spent much of my childhood with my amazing grandparents in Florida. I will be stopping back.

OlaO said...

What a beautiful images, very magical and dreamy.

Anonymous said...

beutiful winterpictures, they are like poetry :)

lejardengirl said...

must say crosscounty skiing was my favorite as a child also..thanks for the memory..

elizabeth said...

lovely pink skies! From NC, I thought cross-country skiing was a thing of the past. Once I moved to the midwest, I found out I was oh so wrong. Still haven't tried it, but it's on my list of must do's.

Suvarna said...

I never get tired of these dreamy beautiful tones, thanks for your art.

Jenna said...

What stunning photos - you capture the beauty and quiet of winter perfectly.

Sara Bradshaw said...

just beautiful shots. So pleased to discover your blog :)