As yet more snow falls down around me, I think it would be nice to get away from winter just for a moment. Who's with me?

Have a wonderful weekend!



I've dressed up two of my photographs, just in time for valentine giving.
The set of 2 notecards is in my shop or on my website.


winter dialogue

Oh January... why do you have to be such a long month?
You've had your moments, but the cold! Enough all ready.
30 degrees is all I ask for...
Too much?
...I knew you'd say that.



A new day is here. Can you feel it?


Grey Day

Today was full of little surprises, no school for the kids, (aka: the joy of sleeping in and wearing our p.j.'s all day.) and a peek of my photograph, the Queen, on last nights episode of Grey's Anatomy.
Hope your weekend is off to a good/early start too. xoxo- A.

P.S. Thanks Anne for keeping an eye out for me!



Many times today I have found myself lost in my thoughts, just staring out at the frosty windows....


12 Things...

1. I have been in love with cross country skiing since I was 9 or 10.
2. When I was little I would spend hours just skiing around our small backyard.
3. I would still like to do that, but think the neighbors would talk.
4. Two babies and a broken foot forced me to take a few years off.
5. I don't have a good excuse for last year.
6. I plan on making up for lost time over the next few weeks.
7. I can ski and take pictures at the same time.
8. I am completely obsessed with pale, pink skies... I blame these photos.
9. Bear with me as I work through this phase.
10. I am also obsessed with pine trees.
11. See #9.
12. I have started a new gallery on my website for my winter treasures.


the everyday

Many months ago in a comment here or an email, (I really can't remember). Someone, maybe one, of you left me a little note at the end of the main message, a little p.s., "always have your camera with you." It was to me, an interesting message.

In a normal day I can make several little trips out, all within a couple miles of my house; the kids to school, home from school, grocery shopping, or one too many taco stops for lunch. I am usually running late and am lucky if I make it out the door with my hair combed. It probably goes without saying my camera was getting left behind. I adopted a "what am I really going to see on a 2 minute trip for cat food" attitude.

But, you see... I see a lot. Every time I was without a camera a million little details would catch my eye. And, every time I would think of that little message. It haunted me.

So, I am adding one more resolution to my list... I'll have a camera with me this year. It won't be my best one, but it is good enough to throw in my bag when I am running out the door, and catch those bits of everyday life that I've been missing.

Today they look like this....

What does your everyday look like?


The Optimist

I love magnolias, even in their bud form. They are natures eternal optimists, wearing their showy velvet coat. Yes, one late April snow could take all their flowers away. But, most of the time they make it through just fine. And, make me think every cold winter day that something big is just around the corner.

So, how is the new year treating all of you?
I am feeling hopeful about 2009, and all the good things I expect it to bring.

I have made only two resolutions this year.

1. drink more water.
2. show my daughter the place she was named after.

Both of these will require a lot of effort. I bought a few of these to help me with the first. (They also help with my dislike for all things plastic.)
And, N.J. turned the change in her bank into $40... so we are off to a slow, but definite start towards our saving for airplane tickets goals.

If you need are like me and don't have a 2009 calendar yet...
there are still some in my shop and on my website. I had to stop printing them myself this week, as new projects have come up, and they took up a huge amount of time But, the new batch is lovely too, and on sale!


and the winner is...

Thank you for all of your kind comments over the last few days. I am so, so lucky to have such wonderful friends like you!

N.J. took her job very seriously and got to work on writing numbers before breakfast.
And, our winner is Sherry who also happens to have an etsy shop full of wonderful treasures.

We will now return to cleaning up from last nights festivities... enjoy your day!