whistle while you work...

I apologize for my absence lately. Remember way back when we started this project?
Well the new floor part is actually happening. And, with only a few moments to spare before our holiday guests start arriving my little elves will be working right up until they walk on in. The project has not been without its unexpected problems (do anyone's home projects ever go smoothly?) But, I am so excited to see our house finally looking like us. Six years is too long to live someplace you don't like.

I would be helping with the kitchen right now (really I would!) But, I am over on the other side of things shipping all of your holiday orders just as quickly as I can go.
If you are looking for a last minute gift, let me know. I have extras of my most popular prints (8x8's, 8x10's and some 5x5's) in stock, and ready to be shipped today. I ship by Priority Mail so orders shipped this week will get there early next week.
If you are curious about the immediate availability of any of the photographs, just contact me
and I will let you know what's ready.
Cheers! A.


Pfeiffer Photos said...

That's so great...wish we could lay in a new kitchen floor. The apartment owner might not appreciate that idea, lol! Thanks for sharing the photos of your elves at work--happy new floor!

Char said...

that's wonderful that you are finally getting that done! looks like it will be fantastic

Mrs.French said...

so, so jealous. you have to promise to post photos of the finished product! the floors are beautiful (from the tiny bit I see). xo t

Chris said...

Looks like it'll turn out really nice!