9 reasons to love today

Our last day of summer vacation...

1. swimming in the sunshine
2. lake michigan looking like a million sparkling diamonds
3. building sandcastles
4. my girl + her holga = true love
5. my favorite lunch, a bit out of the way, but worth every bite.
6. meeting our new friend...welcome to the world baby Ian.
7. walks atop the dunes where the butterflies roam.
8. dirty/ dusty viewfinder cameras.
9. a single shooting star out the car window on the drive home.


curious girl (lisa) said...

beautiful day!

laitae said...

lovely post, poem put in a list:)

The Fabric Bolt said...

Sounds good to me!

shanon said...

Perfection times nine... =)

Carrie said...

I really love that picture of your daughter and her camera. Her expression says she is having a great day. By the way, I tried your pizza on the grill recipe and it turned out so yummy. Thanks for sharing!

Casey said...

oh, i really like the one with your daughter and her camera. so great.