sit down and rest awhile

have a lovely, relaxing weekend...



Today is a good day.

*It is nearly 80 degrees.... I can go on pretending it's still summer.
*It is my oldest, dearest friends' birthday (I am not calling her old, just stating the fact that I have been friends with her longer than anyone.) And, I hope she can feel my birthday wishes even though she is so far away.
*Sweet Mrs. French opened her shop today. I keep going back to look at her "Tiny Moon" print. I just love it!
*My kids are going to bed early, my husband has a late meeting...so I guess tonight it is just me and him.
*I added this new photo to my shop.


cotton candy

And while we were enjoying our party, some of the neighborhood birds were gathering with friends as well.
(Now on my site.)
Happy Tuesday...


garden party

For two days we dined and danced outside among the flowers and fairies.
I couldn't imagine a better weekend.


hop, skip, jump

I am sorry I have been such a bad blogger this week. I had so much to do to prepare for the arrival of our weekend guests. ( Mostly, clean up the mess I made of my office after I was struck by a little redecorting bug. ) Anyway, we have lots planned for the next few days. Our dancing shoes are polished and ready for tomorrow night. We have been browsing through stacks of cooking magazines to see what treats we will be making. There isn't a single thing in the September issue of Fine Cooking that I wouldn't eat. So, I don't know how we will decide.
I hope your weekend is filled with family, friends and lots of good food too. oxox- A.

p.s. Inspired by our new back to school routine this new photograph is now in my shop.


1st day

We were excited...
We were unsure...
We shed a few tears...
We were tired (why does school have to start so early in the morning?)...
We had so much fun...


Harvest- Part 2- Tomatoes

Fresh picked...
Topped with a dash of olive oil, basil, onion, pepper and feta cheese.
Until my garden runs out, this is what I'll be eating most nights.


Harvest- Part 1- Apples

One of the things I love about this time of year is the abundance of fresh local produce. This is probably the first of several trips we will make to the orchard. These made the most delicious apple crisp. Food just tastes better when you've had to work a little to get it.


friday fun

One of my most guilty pleasures (browsing flickr) was put to good use through my contribution to today's post on sfgirlbybay!
Thanks Victoria!
I really had a lot of fun, and hope you will check out all the links on her site because they are from some amazing photographers.

The photo above really has nothing to do with today...I just like it. It is me being rebellious! You should have seen the hollyhocks across the street. I had to stop. (Maybe you will, after I scan them.)
Have a great weekend, break some rules for me! -A.



Living in the city it would seem that fall has suddenly snuck up upon us today with it's cool rain. But, just a little outside of town we discovered that mother nature has been working for many weeks, slowly drying everything out and turning the world shades of orange and yellow.


back to school

I can't say enough good things about my senior portrait clients. They are always so fun, and up for anything. The beautiful, Miss C. was no exception. She survived multiple clothing changes in her car, and me leading her right into mud filled ravine. Her sandals may never be bright white again... but hopefully she thinks her photos were worth the effort. Here's wishing you a fabulous senior year!



Our new fall schedule is hitting us hard today... can't we just go back to the beach for a few more days?
These new images are all in my shop...


9 reasons to love today

Our last day of summer vacation...

1. swimming in the sunshine
2. lake michigan looking like a million sparkling diamonds
3. building sandcastles
4. my girl + her holga = true love
5. my favorite lunch, a bit out of the way, but worth every bite.
6. meeting our new friend...welcome to the world baby Ian.
7. walks atop the dunes where the butterflies roam.
8. dirty/ dusty viewfinder cameras.
9. a single shooting star out the car window on the drive home.