funny kids+warm towels+ polaroid= love

I am sure you all know how this feels, to get out of a chilly pool and find your towels so cozy and warm. And, then in a minute, you're hot again and ready for the water...ah summer!

(I was playing with picnik last night and ended up with rounded corners. I am actually thrilled. I have taught myself how to make them so many times, and always forget. I don't know why I find them so confusing...but from now on it really doesn't matter because I am taking the easy way out! If you don't have photoshop, picnik is a wonderful, super easy resource. And, free!)

Happy Birthday Matt (& Mike)! (I so badly wanted to post the photo from New Year's 1999, but it is lost in the kitchen remodel. As soon as I find it, it is going back up on the refrigerator, cause you know it makes me happy... May all of your birthday wishes come true! xoxoxo

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curious girl (lisa) said...

oh, I LOVE this! it just screams summer. it is one of those photos that really does engage the senses and puts you right there.