All of a sudden the sun has turned to rain, and left us only with memories... but my garden is thankful, and the sound of the rain so peaceful that both of my kids were quickly lulled to sleep. And, for that I am very thankful.

I have added a new collection to my website, with great plans to fill it up with scenes from my summer travels. I have also added these to the etsy shop :)


trupeach said...

your photos make me thankful!
they can be as soothing as the rain & as cheerful as the sun.

Karine Ardault said...

I like your photographs so much and particularly the 1st one of this post.

Camillas Foto said...

Nice photos, sometimes we need the rain to appreciate the sun and the warmth again.
Have a nice week

Kyle French said...

ok deary...your new collection makes me smile from ear to ear...can't get much better than that!

Mrs.French said...

ooops, I think I may have just signed in as Mr. French! Anyway, this series absolutely perfect!