The first from the garden... I only got this quick shot before she ate it up. Why will my kids eat all the tomatoes they can pick themselves in the summer? But, in the winter claim they don't like tomatoes? I guess they just taste better when you grow them yourself.



J.K., the only things you asked for were balloons, "a blue present", and a little dancing. (Thanks to the always enchanting, Steppin In It boys for making the dancing happen.) Your requests were so sweet, just like you. May all your birthday wishes come true. xoxo


night lights in the city...


summer in the city

Thank you to my wonderful husband for whisking us away for our anniversary.
And to my mother-in-law for taking such good care of the kids.
I can't wait to see the rest of my photos, but my polaroids are making me plenty happy, and I have started a new chicago gallery for them....I should note that there is not much in the gallery right now, but as I work on things in the next few week, that's where they'll go.
Happy Monday!


portrait of july

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend...


on the town

It finally came in the mail! Thank you "on the town" for featuring my photograph, "The Date", on your June cover.



The numbers:
I have been coming here for the last 10 years.
My husband for 36.
My mother-in law's first trip was when she was 17.
My kids are the 4th generation of little Bock's to play in this water.


the essentials

Finding a nice chair on the edge of the water to read my long neglected collection of magazines tops my list of weekend activities... what are you doing?
Have a great weekend everyone!


Pizza Party

If you don't have plans for the weekend... I highly suggest a "pizzas on the grill" party.
My favorite toppings include: fresh basil, peppers, roasted garlic, and tomatoes (even better when you can pick your toppings minutes before from the garden.) Making your own dough and roasting garlic takes a bit of extra time, but I think these are the things that make a really great pizza.

Our favorite dough recipe is from the August 2004 Fine Cooking magazine, but I know there are others, like this one, to be found online. Our recipe makes 8 little pizzas so there is plenty for friends. Enjoy!


s & c

I was just finishing some updates to the new and improved portrait section of my site, when I realized I never shared any wedding photos with you from the wedding I photographed a few weeks ago. I loved everything about this wedding, and feel so honored that let me capture their very special day.


they wore daisies in their hair

tree swings, daisies, watching the moon rise, and catching fireflies,( lots and lots of fireflies)...this is what July nights are made for.



Here's what my morning has looked like...

I have added this new print to my shop.

I have officially signed up for the Island Art Show.
It is the only show I am doing this summer, and I probably won't have a lot time to prepare a lot of new items, so if there is a certain photograph you think you'd like to see in person, let me know and I will put it on my list! I think the hardest thing about planning for a show is trying to guess what people will buy.

I have worked out most of the issues with the new portrait section of my website. I only do a few sessions each year, but still I wanted those clients to have access to their own private galleries and online ordering. This has been a long time coming. And, I can't wait to test it out!

And, I have joined a book discussion group with some other etsy shop owners. We are reading this book. I need all the motivation I can to read at night without falling asleep. Has anyone read this? I'd love to hear your thoughts...

Your orders are next on my list...

I hope you all have a great weekend!- A.



funny kids+warm towels+ polaroid= love

I am sure you all know how this feels, to get out of a chilly pool and find your towels so cozy and warm. And, then in a minute, you're hot again and ready for the water...ah summer!

(I was playing with picnik last night and ended up with rounded corners. I am actually thrilled. I have taught myself how to make them so many times, and always forget. I don't know why I find them so confusing...but from now on it really doesn't matter because I am taking the easy way out! If you don't have photoshop, picnik is a wonderful, super easy resource. And, free!)

Happy Birthday Matt (& Mike)! (I so badly wanted to post the photo from New Year's 1999, but it is lost in the kitchen remodel. As soon as I find it, it is going back up on the refrigerator, cause you know it makes me happy... May all of your birthday wishes come true! xoxoxo



ferns+ polaroids= happiness




All of a sudden the sun has turned to rain, and left us only with memories... but my garden is thankful, and the sound of the rain so peaceful that both of my kids were quickly lulled to sleep. And, for that I am very thankful.

I have added a new collection to my website, with great plans to fill it up with scenes from my summer travels. I have also added these to the etsy shop :)