peel apart love

I don't know why I have kept my Polaroid propack hidden away for so many years. It is a really great camera, but sometimes the peel apart film makes shooting with it a little inconvenient, and a little messy. Still, the automatic vintage charm of these photos makes it worth all the fumbling around I do. In my search for film for this camera I came across this site which was a great introduction to peel apart film. It also gives me hope that this camera will be able to live on after polaroid film is gone, since it appears that it will take the instant film from Fuji, actually a lot of people seem to like the Fuji film better, so that might just be my next test. And, if you are in the mood for more peel apart inspiration, Emilie's photostream should do the trick. Just another reason I need to go to Paris.


Finally we made it, and I am now back home dreaming of a little cottage to call my own. Yes, they are the same homes as last year. I just can't get enough of them.

But, this house is a good place to be tonight too. Our fabulous chef made us ribs and delicious cauliflower. (If I shared this recipe before, I apologize. I have a terrible memory. But, it is so good it is worth repeating.) My only suggestion is to cut the red pepper flakes down to 1/4 tsp., unless you like things really spicy. Even at the reduced amount my kids still think it is too "hot" to eat.

I used 4 different cameras during our short little trip to the coast. I am excited to see what each of them brings, and look forward to sharing them with you the rest of the week... xoxo- A.


Summer's Bliss Part 2

I wish for more summer evenings just like this...( minus the mosquitoes.)
Have a great weekend. -A.


summer bliss

Scenes from our berry picking day-trip...
It doesn't get any more summery than this.


summer's glow

I am mesmerized by these leaves, and the way the evening light filters through them.
I'll have them all up on my site soon.
Happy Monday to you! -A.


Purple Pink and Orange Giveaway

I am so happy to be partnering with Pink Purple and Orange for their latest giveaway (they have been offering some great items lately, so make sure to visit each Sunday when a new item goes up!) I am also offering a discount to readers, but you will have to check out all the details and enter to win here!


he watches...
he makes his shot...

through the wicket, smile...
he waits again...


hope you all have a peaceful weekend- A.


Old photos, given a bit of new life... working with them just makes me long for a trip to the beach that much more. But, I refuse to wear a sweater to the beach. Come on mother nature, it is late June already. I can make it one more week, maybe.
Oh, and if you haven't already heard, Modishoppe is sadly closing it's virtual doors this month. There are just a few of my photographs left. But, you can get 15% off for another few days, just enter the code "byemodish" at checkout. happy shopping!

(the photos above are all in my shop!)


I am procrastinating and these are the results. You should have seen the clouds here last night. They were amazing. Though it was hard for me to get a good shot without a building or wires in it, part of living in the city.

I really should be working on another project, but it involves writing, and I am not sure what I want to say yet. It's only 200 words, which means I will have to get right to business and make my point quickly. This is not really a strength of mine. Wish me luck! -A.



Before dinner Saturday night. I've always liked to document our "dates. Our little arms-length snapshots are lovely reminders of the hairstyles we have been through. And, between the two of us there have been many...many. (This was our first with the polaroid. I think I was too worried that the focus was off to really smile.)


my favorite things

I am excited to share my new postcard set with you!
"My Favorite Things" includes 4 of my favorite polaroids. (Covet, Flutter, Parallel and Pink.)
And, it's now in my Etsy shop!



The prettiest ones were saved from the storm...

(***they are now on my website in the polaroid section)


***I feel so out of touch this week. I am just now getting online again after our stormy, stormy weekend. I am happy to be back in business and will be shipping out orders again tomorrow and answering emails just as quickly as I can.



I could tell by the amount of time she spent in her room this morning, that she wanted to wear something extra special today. Oh, how I love this girl. She has always been very certain about her fashion choices. The summer she was 2, she wore the same shirt for months in a row, everyday. The infamous, green shirt. She'd cry whenever I would pry it off her to wash it. So it is really no use telling her that a beret and velvet holiday dress may not be the most comfortable option on a 90 degree day...


the return

A company I work with is looking for winter images for their next product line...so I have done a bit of digging today into that season I would rather forget. But, was happy to find these three abandoned projects.
They have now found a new home on my website. Tomorrow we will return to more seasonally appropriate images.


sex and the city- sort of...

Remember when I was acting so starry eyed last October? Well this is why....sort of...

When I didn't see them on the big screen last week, I thought my photos for Charlotte's apartment would be never seen again, and then today thanks to Lisa and Holly, who passed along this little featurette, I got a little peak at the part of the set you didn't seen in the movie. You guessed it, the part where my photos ended up:) You can see the whole clip on the Fandango site here. (It may start playing the movie trailer, but you will need to click underneath on the "Exclusive Sex and the City Featurette, Sets and the City",on the left.) Look quick at 56 seconds or you'll miss them...

The three shown in the clip are "Three Wishes", "Little Garden", and "Seafoam".
The studio also had "Of the Way We Were" "Yellow Koi" and "Flock". Here's hoping they show up on the dvd deleted scenes, or bonus features.
Either way this was the greatest experience for me. My lovely note from the Art and Set department is framed above my desk, and I am as always, dreaming big.



my afternoon snack (all grown up and I still play with my food)... available as single photographs on my site or together as a triptych in my etsy shop.
happy monday to you all!