Blame it on the Mint

I told you this week was going to be a bit blurry- on top of a busy work week, I am trying to balance my time with my family who is here from out of town. I take breaks for shoes shopping trips and to cook dinner with my mom. Last night we made our jazzed up version of this recipe by Bobby Flay, which was delicious. And, I am so happy to have a recipe that calls for mint. Our mint plants are out of control. And, to use them up we've had my mom making mojitos, which may explain why everyone was gathered around my computer after dinner last night giving my kids the complete history of Micheal Jackson and teaching them how to moonwalk. My 5 year old was amazed to discover a fascinating yet, slightly scary new world called the 80's.

(I will try to write our Mojito recipe down tonight because I think it is better than the one above, and share with you soon!) What do you all do with your mint?


Cicada Studio said...

I like to add it to ground lamb for meatballs.

But the mojitos sound great, so I'll have to give it a go! Anything that gets the old-fogies moonwalkin' must be great!

Mrs.French said...

oh yes, please do. mojitos are my favorite!

vol25 said...

My mint is taking over my garden as well, but I have absolutely NO ideas on how to use it! :)

Roben-Marie said...

MMM! This sounds good! Oh, and I love the blurry photos! Very cool! RM :)