Blame it on the Mint

I told you this week was going to be a bit blurry- on top of a busy work week, I am trying to balance my time with my family who is here from out of town. I take breaks for shoes shopping trips and to cook dinner with my mom. Last night we made our jazzed up version of this recipe by Bobby Flay, which was delicious. And, I am so happy to have a recipe that calls for mint. Our mint plants are out of control. And, to use them up we've had my mom making mojitos, which may explain why everyone was gathered around my computer after dinner last night giving my kids the complete history of Micheal Jackson and teaching them how to moonwalk. My 5 year old was amazed to discover a fascinating yet, slightly scary new world called the 80's.

(I will try to write our Mojito recipe down tonight because I think it is better than the one above, and share with you soon!) What do you all do with your mint?


just breathe

This was one of my most favorite sessions, which has been a long time coming. My dearest friend opened her own yoga studio over a year ago, and we finally got together, to take some photos for her studio. I would love to do more sessions like this, (if any local studios are reading...), so very calming for me behind the camera.


from the road

The past week was a big blur... this week looks about the same. We did have a lovely weekend with our friends and family. The photos above were taken just before dark on our late night drive home last night. They suit my mood. And, I have started a little gallery of photographs from the road and will add more when we drive again...


the last day

The last day of preschool... even though it doesn't quite feel like it, summer vacation is here. What will we do with ourselves?

Have a great weekend! -A.



Tonight the "Mistress of the Property" or "Miss I Have to be In Everyone's Business All The Time" (3rd photo) and I took a walk around the yard to see what was blooming, and growing. We discovered the earth still dark from yesterday's rain, and bright greens everywhere . I love the ferns when they are just starting to uncurl their leaves.


blue spring

Practicing my people skills this month... I really need to get some new models (my kids are so sick of the camera.) I think most photographer's children are either really good, or really bad when the camera comes out. I have the bad ones. Any cooperation from mine are because I bribe them with chocolate chips, one for each picture. Tonight it was ice cream...


art and paper!

Happy Monday, and what a great day it is... the new Poppy Talk Handmade Market is up, and it is fabulous. Affordable art and paper goods! I am in love.
I haven't even made it too all of the shops yet, but I am discovering new artists with every click.
Some of my favorites so far are Paper Shcmaper, Dolan Geiman, Leah Giberson, and Black Rabbit. And, I am sure my list will continue to grow....


Ahhhh...May, I have been waiting for you for so long, and now that you are here, you are just as lovely as I imagined. The weather has been great. After last weekend my garden is almost half planted, and filled with tons of fresh new soil. We still have the sore muscles to prove it.
Still the best is yet to come as I wait not so patiently for this. Just 23 days, 23 hours, 51 minutes, but whose counting? And, on that same day a wedding! The more I think about it the more excited I am. It is my first official wedding and if I am not here much until then, it is because I am off reading, planning and practicing, how to best tell the story of their day. I know some of you photograph weddings frequently, any advice? The photos above are from my flickr favorites, be sure to visit their links below, and be prepared to be inspired!

1. odette's world, 2. pillows and suitcases, 3. Rain Down, 4. 53, 5. my life is simple, 6. Untitled, 7. Bicycle, 8. ., 9. Thank you



I am ready for the weekend...
Hope you are too!

(Yes, I spent all my J.Crew gift Christmas gift certificate on flip-flops. There were probably many things there I need more than shoes, but it was really fun.)