Happy Earth Day to all!

My husband just called me to tell me that there is some good things happening down at the Capitol, so I think we are going to head over there and hand a few ChicoBags out to any of the important law making people who may be wandering about. It is a gorgeous day, so it's not hard to talk me into an outing. I haven't been downtown in a long time, and just maybe I can get him to buy me lunch.

For the rest of you ChicoBags are 10% off (through tomorrow). Just enter the discount code: Chico10 in the promo code section when you are checking out. And, this pretty little Columbine is now in my shop!
Enjoy your day!


Scott Bulger Photography said...

Great new shot Alicia. Keep up the fantastic work.

rivergardenstudio said...

What a beautiful photograph. I love the softness and the gracefulness of the flower! Thanks for sharing...Roxanne

JLC Studio said...

Beautiful photo, as always!!

Camillas Foto said...

I love your photo.
Have a nice weekend/

Mila said...

I love this picture!
The magnolia from your other post is also amazing. I am very luvky to have a magnolia tree growing in my garden.

Abra said...

I would just like to say that I am glad I discovered your blog and that you are truly talented. I enjoy checking your blog daily to see what new treats you have.