(Thanks Jodi for the wine, I was so happy to rediscover it last night after a long day. Somehow I ended up alone with 5 kids here, enough said.)


Cicada Studio said...

You're reading my mind with this photo, except I only have 3 boys here now.

stephanie levy said...

Hi Alicia,

I'm an artist who is new to Etsy and I just read your interview. I am also a mother of two - my children are two years old and 7 months old - you give me great hope that it is possible to combine motherhood and an artistic career!
Anyway, I love your photographs, and thanks for inspiring me today. If you have a chance, check out my blog/Etsy shop. www.stephanielevy.blogspot.com

Hope you enjoyed that glass of wine and have a nice weekend.

madelyn said...

I laughed when I read this !
as my house is always the house
where all the kids end up ~
which I actually adore ~
very much so ~ and certainly
a glass of wine and chocolate

I wished to say a heartfelt
thank you for linking my teacup
photo ~ that was entirely sweet and
generous of you ~ a lovely woman
just purchased the photo and
told me about your blog here:)

I adore your work ~ it is
romantic and soulful and
a visual treat ~ and
breathtakingly fresh and inspiring:)