bye bye 1970

Our next mini renovation project (a coat of paint, and if I am very, very lucky...new flooring) will be our kitchen. We have been talking about this for years., but there is no such thing as a quick fix around here. My man needs lots of time to plan these things. Now I have reason to believe that paint will indeed be flying around here in the near future, like this weekend! The photos above are my inspiration; white and black with pops of color from plants and art. (From Domino and Cottage Living.)


Erin Tyner said...

I have that exact same photo in the lower right corner torn out for my future kitchen wish list! Those green tiles... I love 'em. Have fun with your kitchen makeover!

Cicada Studio said...

All these kitchens make me swoon... my house is SO dark! It's the one thing I don't love about it... and really, it's a lot. Have fun this weekend!

jean said...

Hi Alicia! Been enjoying your blog. Am anxious to start my own--but am so involved in house renos (like a bedroom and kitchen~locked in the 70's~as well!)

Love the photo ideas. We have a lot of decision making to do re: floors, colors, etc.

Happy blogging! Jean

Mrs.French said...

Wow, I am just really so jealous. I love all your ideas. Would you mind sending your man out this way when you finish up at your house? Thanks so much. :)