the baker, the cupcakes, the critics

on rainy, gray days we bake...
we wanted to make our favorite cupcakes but didn't have enough eggs. So we found a recipe that only called for 2.

(My polaroid is starting to jam up again. (Hence the blurry, scratches in J.K's photo.) Anyone have any cleaning tips? I don't think the rollers are running so smoothly.)
Hope the sun is shining for you. - A.

***Thank you to Cool Mom Picks for including my photography in their mother's day gift guide!


artistscs28 said...

What fun! And I love all your red shoes. I need to get more creative with my own shoes - they are cute, but all black and brown. Maybe I will take baby steps and just start with red. =)

dana said...

mmmmmmm. i could go for a cupcake. so pretty and i love the look of the polaroid.

its so gentle.

nancy said...

When my SX-70 rollers get dirty, I open up the camera and clean them with a wet (but not dripping) cotton swab. You may have to rub a little hard to get all the chemical residue off, but start off with gentle strokes, just to be sure you're not applying too much pressure. That should do the trick! :)