Last week the weather was gorgeous, and I took way too many photographs. Now I am unsure what to do with them all, how to process them, what size to sell, etc. I may need a few days to figure out a plan.

In the mean time, I give you tiny dancers (it doesn't get any cuter than this.) And, these shoes.
I really love them, but they look a bit too small for me. If you're a size 7, you're in luck!


Happy Earth Day to all!

My husband just called me to tell me that there is some good things happening down at the Capitol, so I think we are going to head over there and hand a few ChicoBags out to any of the important law making people who may be wandering about. It is a gorgeous day, so it's not hard to talk me into an outing. I haven't been downtown in a long time, and just maybe I can get him to buy me lunch.

For the rest of you ChicoBags are 10% off (through tomorrow). Just enter the discount code: Chico10 in the promo code section when you are checking out. And, this pretty little Columbine is now in my shop!
Enjoy your day!



Magnolias for your Monday...and maybe the rest of the week too. So many of my favorite trees are starting to bloom. This group in particular is like a giant canopy created by three trees that have grown together. And, they look even lovelier through my polaroid. I have added the middle photo to my shop!




(Thanks Jodi for the wine, I was so happy to rediscover it last night after a long day. Somehow I ended up alone with 5 kids here, enough said.)


bits of spring green for your Thursday...


bye bye 1970

Our next mini renovation project (a coat of paint, and if I am very, very lucky...new flooring) will be our kitchen. We have been talking about this for years., but there is no such thing as a quick fix around here. My man needs lots of time to plan these things. Now I have reason to believe that paint will indeed be flying around here in the near future, like this weekend! The photos above are my inspiration; white and black with pops of color from plants and art. (From Domino and Cottage Living.)


i dream of Paris

It seems like my obsession has always been there. In third grade I found a friend equally enamored and we spent hours and hours imagining how fabulous it was there. When I was in my teens I saved enough money for a plane ticket, and my grandparents gave me a new camera for my trip. My best roll of film, I accidentally left behind on a bench in the Louvre. Most of what's left are faded, funny snapshots of my friends. And, I am once again saving my pennies for a plane ticket. We will see how many years it takes this time.
(This collaboration between me and my 14 year old self is available in my shop.)


the baker, the cupcakes, the critics

on rainy, gray days we bake...
we wanted to make our favorite cupcakes but didn't have enough eggs. So we found a recipe that only called for 2.

(My polaroid is starting to jam up again. (Hence the blurry, scratches in J.K's photo.) Anyone have any cleaning tips? I don't think the rollers are running so smoothly.)
Hope the sun is shining for you. - A.

***Thank you to Cool Mom Picks for including my photography in their mother's day gift guide!


about me and red

1. I adore red shoes.
2. I believe that all shoes would look better if they were red.
3. I think toe nails and front doors look best painted red too.
3. I can't stop buying them.
4. I have at least 4 more pairs that didn't make the photo.
5. I even buy them for my husband
6. I was inspired by this fabulous photograph.
7. This photograph, Hello Ladies is now in my shop!


the perfect day

yesterday was the perfect spring day...our reward for suffering through a long winter. I feel like we spent the day together but at the same time were all doing our own things. The light was so beautiful I spent a lot of time with my polaroid. I've complied my favorites into a quadtych (if that's even a word?) which is now here in my shop.
I have also added the other photos from earlier in the week, so I hope you'll stop by.


the first blooms from the garden.... happy saturday!



a good friend will climb with you to the top of the highest hill, roll down it with you laughing, and not care about how muddy you get along the way.


the day after

It was a lovely day, even with the non-stop rain. We tried to peak in on the butterflies again, but most were sleeping in the trees. I only used the sx-70 yesterday, and it was so fun to record the day with it. Thank you, thank you, thank for all your kind birthday wishes...now if you'll excuse me there are some leftover cannoli around that would make the perfect breakfast.

(I have added the butterfly and chandeliers photographs to my shop.)