slow going

I am in the process of setting up a new computer system here. And, the transferring process is a bit bigger than I expected. I never realized how many different programs I use every day, until I tried to work on some new files today and most of what I needed was no longer available. Right now I feel just like I did being stuck in traffic Sunday night completely frustrated, but with that feeling that just around the corner things will be getting a lot better.


Cicada Studio said...

My husband caught a glimpse of your three photos over my shoulder and pointed to the center one with interest. All three of these make traffic jams more appealing... how DID you do that? It's so tiresome to restructure computers... but once it's done, it's done!

Alicia said...

When I have to explain something is the time I wish I had taken some photography classes because my technical language is awful.
But, my way for getting nice circles out of lights is to use the manual settings on my camera and lens, and just blur the focus while aiming at the lights. It is really easy with a digital SLR.

Anonymous said...

stunning photos, they remind me of late evening in summer time... when I feel at my most relaxed..

marietom said...

superbes images.