Bags, Bags, Bags

Occasionally ( oh, all right, often) I get obsessed about certain subjects. And, lately it is plastic bags...the kind you get at the grocery store, Target, the craft store, the health food store and floating through my yard on a windy day. I see no need for them in the world, especially after reading articles like these.
Plastic ocean
Around the world
Anapolis and other cities
San Francisco
Whole Foods

So, I did what I talk about doing a lot, but never do, and wrote each member of my township board asking them what I could do to make this issue more public and start the process discussing a ban on plastic here. To my surprise, they have agreed to look into this. They want to know more, and would like me to come speak at the next board meeting. Yeah!

In my quest I have searched for alternatives to plastic that easily fit into my lifestyle. Because even though I was trying to use reusable bags, one of two things kept happening:

A. I keep lots of big reusable bags in the car, but then as I grab the kids out, I forget to grab my bags, leaving me at the mercy of the store. Most of which no longer offer paper bags.

B. We go out just wandering about, walking, not planning on buying anything and then we do, and I need a bag.

Then a few weeks ago destiny stepped in and I found the ChicoBag company, and I fell in love. They fold up so tiny, they fit into my smallest purse, always there for that unexpected splurge. They are light enough to be clipped onto your key chain, or stuffed in a pocket. They are perfect. I was so impressed that I asked the company if I could sell them off my website. And, I can. Hooray!

I don't expect to retire off my ChicoBag sales, but I want to encourage people to kick their plastic bag addiction. And, give them a really easy alternative. If any of you live in cities that have already banned plastic shopping bags, I'd love to hear your thoughts, and learn more about the discussion that your city had during that time. If you have any other great links for my council members, please pass them along too! Thank you!


Jaimee McClellan said...

Congrats! How inspiring.

I've been at the mercy of the stores too often, like you, forgetting my canvas bags in the car as I grab my son, his sippy cup, snacks, stroller, coloring books/crayons, etc. I even tried rolling up the bags and shoving them in the stroller but then it wouldn't fold up, UGH! I just came across and article about Chicobags in a fashion mag (telling which "Stars" are using them) now reading this...I think I'm meant to get one. I'm going to check out your website now!

Good Luck with your speach!

Michelle Ellis said...

I LOVE these bags.

I have 4 and they were custom printed.

dana said...

this is a great issue. hold on while i run out to my backyard to grab the several bags that have blown in from the last storm.

i use the whole foods bags - that are stylish and colorful. i have now trained myself to remember to put them right back in the car after they are unloaded. (actually, i put them on my car keys, so there is no way to forget.)

i like the little bags you found. they look sport sac-y. is it that kind of material?

one great use for the plastic bags, however, is as a doggie waste bag. let me know if you come across a solution for that. (also, i could probably go several months without needing to restock those.)

we are not plastic bag free here in boulder (yet!) today they are talking about having us keep all cats inside all the time to save the bird population....

Malora said...

Thanks so much for posting the link to the Plastic Ocean article. That was so eye opening for me and I have been inspired to MAJORLY reduce my plastic intake. I love your work by-the-way. You are so talented!

beth said...

i bought one of these for all my sisters. the local school district pta sold these as a fundraiser at the farmer's market last summer. i hate those plastic bags too.

Lorih said...

I LOVE these bags. I have them stashed in my car, my purse, my backpack, my husband's coat pocket... I even give them as gifts so I can get other people hooked. I think it's great that you're selling these now!