I don't believe in working on your birthday...so I am officially taking the day off, just as soon as I hand my orders over to my mail lady, Kitty. (I just love her name, it is so fitting for her.) Anyway, I have a full day of wandering around town planned, which includes many stops for my favorite foods. (And, one unpleasant stop for a new driver's license photo.)

I found this photo again this weekend. It is one of my favorites. It make me laugh as I realize I still have the fashion sense of my 4 year old self. My current sunglass are indeed pink. I often have curlers in my hair, and you know I would wear that dress if it still fit. Enjoy your Monday!


orange-y glow, happy day

After wanting one for years, and years, I bought myself a polaroid sx-70 a few months ago. Since then it has been sitting on my kitchen counter waiting to be shipped back to it's previous owner, who kindly offered to buy it back if I had any trouble. The first two rolls of film I tried in it were a horrible mess. Of the twenty shots, 2 were recognizable. Most jammed up before the made it out.

Why I didn't send it back right away I don't know. Every morning I have looked at it and wished I could use it. I love the look of the leather and chrome. I love that it folds small enough to throw into any bag. Today, I decided I loved it enough to keep it even if it doesn't work. But, I wasn't going to look at it everyday any more, it was at least going to live in a closet somewhere.

And, then I halfheartedly aimed at J.K. who was eating his cereal, thinking it was for the last time, when to our surprise it did work! The three of us did a little cheer and dance. Did it heal itself? Was it bad film? Have we experienced a miracle? We'll never know, but I do believe it is time to stock up on lots of film.


slow going

I am in the process of setting up a new computer system here. And, the transferring process is a bit bigger than I expected. I never realized how many different programs I use every day, until I tried to work on some new files today and most of what I needed was no longer available. Right now I feel just like I did being stuck in traffic Sunday night completely frustrated, but with that feeling that just around the corner things will be getting a lot better.


What a week...Oh it's not over yet? It feels like it should be. Most of it has been spent running errands, to the hospital for the old x-rays, to the special bone doctor for new x-rays (orthopedic...that's the word I can never remember.) A few stops for groceries and treats for the boy who was again, very, very good.

Today it feels good to just be home. Especially, to see that Etsy posted a little interview I did for them while I was out. Being asked was fabulous, but the comments at the end from fellow Etsy users really made my day.

And, if you are not sick of my interviews yet, I just saw the most recent one I did for sfgirlbybay is now up! If you don't regularly read Victoria's blog, you really are missing a treat. It is one of my favorites. Probably because her life is such a contrast from my mid-west, mom schedule. I love living vicariously through her vibrant city life. Her photos are gorgeous, and her home is simply dreamy. Thank you Victoria!


little wishes

This is post is purely for my husband (though if you are not him you are welcome to keep reading anyway.) We have been doing the "no, what do you want for your birthday dance" for a few days. (Both of our birthdays are quickly approaching.) And, this is my attempt to avoid any last minute trips to the mall. Links to the prettiest of pretties...
Lawn Chair Print, (really you can go wrong with Danna's Shop,) Cheetah Purse, Cake Stand, House Pillow, Band Practice, Gloss. All lovely for spring. Most all from Etsy seller, except for the cake stand that I saw in the store this week, and was immediately smitten.
Of course, there is always this lens, Maybe next year. I don't think I've been quite that good.


the left handed breakfast

I have hesitated to post any photos of my boy this week, because seeing him in his little cast breaks my heart. Two broken bones for him. Since I use this blog to chronicle my life and work, I had to put up a photo so next month when he is healed, I can look back and say how thankful I am that this is all behind us. He is handling it all remarkably well. We will be spending the weekend picnicing on the living room floor, and watching Dora the Explorer, over and over again.


Reaching Out...Connected

The time change is really affecting us all. I am not sure what time I am supposed to be going to bed these days, and end up working much too late. Luckily my shop benefits from my late night experiments, as I have added these two new photos today. Larger sizes are available here and here. Enjoy!



All of my favorite birds have come together to make this sweet new postcard set. Now in my shop.


Bags, Bags, Bags

Occasionally ( oh, all right, often) I get obsessed about certain subjects. And, lately it is plastic bags...the kind you get at the grocery store, Target, the craft store, the health food store and floating through my yard on a windy day. I see no need for them in the world, especially after reading articles like these.
Plastic ocean
Around the world
Anapolis and other cities
San Francisco
Whole Foods

So, I did what I talk about doing a lot, but never do, and wrote each member of my township board asking them what I could do to make this issue more public and start the process discussing a ban on plastic here. To my surprise, they have agreed to look into this. They want to know more, and would like me to come speak at the next board meeting. Yeah!

In my quest I have searched for alternatives to plastic that easily fit into my lifestyle. Because even though I was trying to use reusable bags, one of two things kept happening:

A. I keep lots of big reusable bags in the car, but then as I grab the kids out, I forget to grab my bags, leaving me at the mercy of the store. Most of which no longer offer paper bags.

B. We go out just wandering about, walking, not planning on buying anything and then we do, and I need a bag.

Then a few weeks ago destiny stepped in and I found the ChicoBag company, and I fell in love. They fold up so tiny, they fit into my smallest purse, always there for that unexpected splurge. They are light enough to be clipped onto your key chain, or stuffed in a pocket. They are perfect. I was so impressed that I asked the company if I could sell them off my website. And, I can. Hooray!

I don't expect to retire off my ChicoBag sales, but I want to encourage people to kick their plastic bag addiction. And, give them a really easy alternative. If any of you live in cities that have already banned plastic shopping bags, I'd love to hear your thoughts, and learn more about the discussion that your city had during that time. If you have any other great links for my council members, please pass them along too! Thank you!


pretty monday

I needed a bit of prettiness today and looking at my favorite photos makes my day. Thank you to all of you talented photographers who share your visions. They amaze me! (Please click on the links below to see the full images.)
1. spb for a day, 2. Main Street Texas, 3. Untitled, 4. venice beach 08, 5. Girl and Boy, 6. Untitled, 7. Birds in the making, 8. Untitled, 9. i love that soft light, 10. Fly Away, 11. Bloom, 12. ready, 13. peoniescu, 14. Beach, 15. Jones Soda Bottles, 16. Oceanside, CA, 17. Untitled, 18. A mom, a kid and a dog (was: Test shot), 19. stopping by woods, 20. L'Empire des lumières : twinkle, 21. Munich, 22. midland, 23. pidgeon point lighthouse, 24. Red Leaf Studios, 25. 6, 26. Room with view, 27. Untitled, 28. Hannah, 29. .sun bokeh., 30. Chelsea Hotel, 31. Olive Branch, 32. Untitled, 33. old frames, 34. Untitled, 35. Untitled, 36. let go...


Flowers and Sunshine

Before breakfast, before getting dressed... no time for those things when art is on your mind.



Please excuse my absence this last week (and probably most of next week too, while I get caught back up.) Seem like most of my office equipment has major attitude problems, making me feel more like a repair tech than a photographer. It was becoming quite comical one day my internet would be out, the next my website was down for no apparent reason, most of my deliveries for supplies had damaged or missing materials, and my main printer... well I get it, you've worked every day for the last 3 years and you're ready to retire on a some tiny island in the Caribbean. Just give me another week to break in your replacement and I will let you go with no hard feelings.
Today feels like a fresh start, a new month is finally here. With a few signs of spring starting to show, it is a good time to get reorganized.
In the midst of my troubles I forgot to show you this new photograph in my shop. Hopefully, there will be a few new additions this week too, so please check back soon.