bon voyage

These last few weeks I am afraid I have been more of a car sales(wo)man than a photographer, being that my sweet car unexpectedly died. In her final act of kindness she broke down at the end of our driveway, instead of across town where I was shopping only minutes before. As to say, "I will get you home one last time, but that is all." And, normally, I wouldn't go on, and on about a car, but she was the first car I actually paid for, and we made it through 7 years together, traveling through at least 15 states which to me is something. Last night, in the bitter cold she got towed home by a nice man who will probably fix her up, and sell her again. This makes me happy. I know she has a few good years left in her.

And, so we have the "new" truck now, which I am not quite used to yet. Maybe, it is just too clean. There is no beach sand, random old French fries under the seat, or spare change laying around, no memories. It needs a good road trip to get us all acquainted and a warm spring day to open the sunroof and let in the sunshine. Until then, bon voyage my little white friend. Hopefully, we will see you out on the road someday.


Anonymous said...

Your photographs are gorgeous!
I sympathize with your car feelings, especially when I'm looking for that lipstick, mints or extra pair of sunglasses - that I knew I left in the car :)

Dancing Monkey Jewelry said...

It's funny how cars affect us - I think it's because they are such an integral part of our lives - they become part of our family. Each of the cars my husband and I have owned have such wonderful memories attached to them - trips to the ocean, road trips to the Southwest, going to the drive-in theater, just life in general. I'm getting all nostalgic here.

I'm glad your car gave you one last good ride.

dinosaur toes said...

I have it's twin. My little white blazer is in the shop right now, and I miss her :(