morning light

a sweet way to start the day... waffle making with my favorite chef.


This weekend we did a lot of movie watching and I can proudly say I am no longer "the only girl on earth who has never seen Amelie". I know there is a big collective gasp happening right now. How is it possible that such a girly-girl like me, took so long to see this movie? In a word, subtitles. They put me to sleep every time. And, what should be a normal 2 hour movie watching experience could take days filled with me falling asleep, waking up, rewinding to figure out what was happening, only to fall asleep again, and then finally give up.

So, making it through Amelie, even with all its quirky goodness was quite an accomplishment.
But, it seems the movie marathon has lead to me having horribly, vivid dreams. For example, Friday, I dreamed I was dating Ryan Seacrest, which is right at the top of my "signs you may be crazy list". And, that isn't even the worst one. These dreams are taking up so much energy I feel very unrested when I wake up, and through most of the day. So, I am determined tonight to have a normal nights sleep. Which I think means I will have to do the unthinkable...not watching t.v. in bed. (I am sorry Jimmy Kimmel, I will be back for our nightly rendezvous very, very soon.)

Luckily, I am prepared with sweet gifts from my valentine, a stack of lovely books, including the one shown above, "Simple Sewing with a French Twist ". Now I don't sew, or even have a sewing machine, but I am so charmed by the photos, and the thought of someday making my own curtains, or chemise. Certainly thoughts of a life in the France can't help but bring me sweet dreams.


One of these people has had too much Valentine candy... the others are worn out from a long week!
Here's to a relaxing weekend! oxox -A.


A gray day, but it came with a fresh coating of snow...


bon voyage

These last few weeks I am afraid I have been more of a car sales(wo)man than a photographer, being that my sweet car unexpectedly died. In her final act of kindness she broke down at the end of our driveway, instead of across town where I was shopping only minutes before. As to say, "I will get you home one last time, but that is all." And, normally, I wouldn't go on, and on about a car, but she was the first car I actually paid for, and we made it through 7 years together, traveling through at least 15 states which to me is something. Last night, in the bitter cold she got towed home by a nice man who will probably fix her up, and sell her again. This makes me happy. I know she has a few good years left in her.

And, so we have the "new" truck now, which I am not quite used to yet. Maybe, it is just too clean. There is no beach sand, random old French fries under the seat, or spare change laying around, no memories. It needs a good road trip to get us all acquainted and a warm spring day to open the sunroof and let in the sunshine. Until then, bon voyage my little white friend. Hopefully, we will see you out on the road someday.



I think I am still recovering. The 11 kids, the giant sucker, the wig (which according to her is the best present ever). I wish I had more photos, but it was all so much, so quick, just like the last 5 years.


snow day

Happy snow day...Happy February... Happy Friday!