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New in my Etsy shop!



Thank you Etsy for choosing me as one of your 20 most hearted! You can read the article here.



For days friends have been telling me they saw it, and now I finally have my own copy of the article from the February "Traverse" Magazine. One of my favorite local magazines, great for inspiring thoughts of weekend getaways. In case you live out of state, and can't find a copy, you can view it large and ready for reading here.


January's Daydreams

It is officially that time of year when I no longer like winter, and start planning summer vacations, and taking lots of indoor photographs because it is just too cold outside. It helps me, on these gray days to make bright, warm photographs.
This new photograph, "January's Daydreams" is available in my etsy shop and in various sizes on my website.



This is a long shot, but I have a little request for those of you reading from Park City, Utah, or anyone who will be traveling there this week to attend the Sundance Film Festival.
Four of my photos were chosen to be part of the GenArt/St.Ives Sensory Spa and Gallery (a great honor to be asked considering the lovely, and greatly talented ladies who are participating in this exhibit. You can find their websites at the bottom of the above link.)
And, now I would really like to see how the whole display turned out...but sadly a trip to Sundance is not in the budget.

So, if you are wandering down Main St. this weekend (Jan. 18-21st) and need a place to warm up, and check your email please stop in. And, if you are feeling extra loving, take a few snapshots, and post them on flickr so I can see what I am missing. xoxox



Don't you just love morning doves, with their sweet song, and together forever attitude. I think they would make a lovely valentine's day treat, and are available on my website as either a print or notecard.



The girl who does my hair is on maternity leave (Congratulations Annie! if you are reading this.) But, looking at all of these lovelies in my flickr favorites makes me wish for something new. Something wind blown and vibrant. What sweet inspirations these are...
1. we're in my backyard and the neighbors have their door open. we're all wearing pieces of my thrift store lingerie binge. the wind's out and we're drinking the really strong coffee i prefer to make., 2. Untitled, 3. Untitled, 4. As If I Wasn't There



While I am so thankful for such a wonderful holiday season, I am also thankful that the new year is finally here, and things can get back to normal. I have greatly missed creating new art. And, so happy when this lovely crow flew overhead yesterday and perched on the tree I was passing. He was just what I needed. And can now be found in my etsy shop and in larger sizes on my website.

In other fun news, I just realized that the article in Decor Magazine has been published. I am artist to watch in 2008! I guess the pressure is on :)


new snow

Some time off with friends today to play in the new snow.
I am sure they will all sleep good tonight...


Happy 2008! My new year so far has looked much like this, taking tons of photographs, minus the high heals and dress. I hope to share some in the next few days, and hopefully add a few goodies in my shop.
(This cute little diagram is from my newest/vintage camera, a little gift to myself this year. With one of my new year's resolutions being to use it a lot.)