Celebrating 3 years!

I can hardly believe it! This week marks the 3 year anniversary of my Etsy shop. Thank you to all my wonderful customers who allow me to do what I love everyday!

To celebrate I am offering FREE domestic shipping and discounted international shipping on all prints. All packages will have an extra surprise too.

And, that is not all... I am also giving away all three prints above (they are all 11.5" on 12"paper) to one of you. If you'd like to be included in the give away, just leave me a comment on this post. And, make sure there is some way for me to contact you if you win. I plan on picking a winner on New Year's Day, so comments will be accepted until December 31st at 11:59 p.m.

Wishing you all a magical New Year! xoxo- A.


over the river and through the woods...

We are off... in search of twinkling lights, a glass of egg nog and smiling kids faces.
Hope you are celebrating with those you love too.
xoxox- A.


Sunday Haiku

To and from Downtown.
Snow through Sunday's empty streets.
Just 10 degrees.


whistle while you work...

I apologize for my absence lately. Remember way back when we started this project?
Well the new floor part is actually happening. And, with only a few moments to spare before our holiday guests start arriving my little elves will be working right up until they walk on in. The project has not been without its unexpected problems (do anyone's home projects ever go smoothly?) But, I am so excited to see our house finally looking like us. Six years is too long to live someplace you don't like.

I would be helping with the kitchen right now (really I would!) But, I am over on the other side of things shipping all of your holiday orders just as quickly as I can go.
If you are looking for a last minute gift, let me know. I have extras of my most popular prints (8x8's, 8x10's and some 5x5's) in stock, and ready to be shipped today. I ship by Priority Mail so orders shipped this week will get there early next week.
If you are curious about the immediate availability of any of the photographs, just contact me
and I will let you know what's ready.
Cheers! A.


blue monday


let it snow...

Hello December!
You look just as pretty as I remember.

Today I am thankful that...
*I have no where to go (unless we are running low on hot chocolate.)
*A big sale in my Etsy shop to keep the day fun.
*My desk is next to the window so I can watch it snow.
*All the sore throats and sore noses from last week are quickly fading.
* These watercolors have kept my littlest artist so content this morning.


Hope this finds you snuggled up somewhere cozy and warm. See you here on Monday!
xoxox- A.


counting the days...

I have calenders on my mind... First I contributed to the one my sister-in-law makes for my dad. Then I started working on ones for our moms (who are all about the grandkids). But, don't think I forgot about all of you...no, no no. For you I made two!
For those of you who need a lot of space for writing (like me), I have a large (13"x19") premium size calendar which is available here through Lulu.

And, if you need a desk- size version I have a special treat! A lovely calendar full of my 12 favorite polaroids from the last year. It is in my shop and on my website. I am printing it myself on the softest, thickest, most luxurious paper I have found. It has really been a labor of love, and I am so happy with the results. I will be bringing them as hostess gifts to all my holiday parties. And, now you can too!
Happy Monday!



I spent a lot of this week cleaning, both my house and my photo files, quietly preparing for the rush of the next few weeks. In my search I came across these three. I love the simple softness they all have, fitting for this time I have spent reflecting over the last year.


monday loves

i love....
*waking up to snow when I wasn't expecting it
*mugs of hot spiced apple cider (feels so good on a sore throat)
*her wearing my old hat, made by my grandma or great aunt when I was the same age.
*anticipating the arrival of new boots in the mail (maybe today or maybe tomorrow.)
*the new poppytalk handmade market
*berries on branches, even better covered in snow
*late autumn diptychs
Happy Monday!


in the wind

I feel like the milkweed seeds this week, being blown in every direction. I'll be back in a couple days, when I am a little more organized and caught back up. xoxo- A.


the muse

These may be my most favorite polaroids of the year. Shot one after the other, in the very last moments of autumn sunlight. Suddenly the leaves all left there trees, and the snow started. It feels like winter today. More favorites here...


Sun Dance

I am trying to focus on my people skills this week. Another wedding is coming up very soon. So, we rested here for a long time after her ride, happy to be warmed by the sun, and among friends.

In unrelated, random news... I am having a sale on my mini prints through the end of the month. And, wondering if I can talk my husband into this project for N.J.'s dresser.
Hope you have a great weekend! I hear there may be snow coming... a few flakes anyway.



Today I feel like I have taken my first deep breath in months... it feels good to exhale again.
(new birds are here and here...)


Rock the Boat

Apparently because I was running around getting ready so early this morning excited as can be, J.K. thought today was the day we were going to the BOAT. When I finally realized our miscommunication I tried my best to explain in 3 year old terms the significance of our choices today. But, no matter how you put it, voting never sounds as fun as boating.

May all your lines be fast moving. xoxo- A.


favorite things...

Today is the nicest Monday. The weather is gorgeous, and I get to share with you all something that I am really excited about. A few weeks ago, one of my favorite photographers, Susannah Conway asked me to partner with her for a little project. How could I resist. Susannah and I live across the ocean from each other, but we both share a fondness for quiet beaches which is enough information for me to consider someone a friend. Our talking (emailing) has evolved into our favorite things, with both of us using our trusty sx70's to share our loves with you. We don't talk about what we will be shooting next week. So what ends up there is going to be a lovely discovery for us all.
We will post a new Polaroid diptych each week, to make all the Mondays good days. So please stop back soon...


daylight savings

With the extra hour of my day I went searching for yellow... it is my new favorite color, at least for today.
What did you do?



I adore nature's simple details.Yes, we made it back to the water...more Monday.)

Hope you have a lovely weekend. -A.