Random Happiness

Today I have had random bursts of online happiness. The first came when I saw the showcase I curated on the front page of Trunkt. I would love to have each item in this group. The one thing I do own is the "Insomnia" print from Elista which hangs proudly above the corner of my desk to keep me company while I work late at night. My most favorite item, and most unattainable has to be this. The more luxurious version of the $12 red, vintage bag I carry from my little corner antique store. I can only imagine how beautiful this bag must be, which is funny because up until I had kids I never cared to carry around more than a tiny wallet.

My second bit of fun came through this post on Beach Bungalow8. I spent a good amount of time drooling over every detail of Courtney's home, wanting to move right in. Her colors and style are exactly what I would want in my dream home. And, then to my surprise right in the 18th photo are my "Beach Birds and Umbrellas" and "Surf" photos! Seeing customers photographs framed in their home really makes my day, and especially in a space as gorgeous as this.


In(side) the Loop said...

ALICIA!!!! I am so so thrilled you saw this post - and got to see your artwork in action. When I was decorating our home, I kept filling it with very "Courtney-ish" items. I saw these on your Etsy site and knew they would be such a great way to incorporate my husband's style. He loves to surf and incessantly wishes we lived on a boat. These are a lovely addition to our room. Don't fret over the framing - it's a temporary fix until I can get myself over to the framer! Thank you for sharing your talents with us in our home.

queering_domesticity said...

Hi - This is PatchInk from Etsy...I included you on my treasury. I wanted to know that I also included you in a separate post on my blog about great gift ideas. Here's the link: http://queeringdomesticity.blogspot.com/2007/11/my-list-check-it-twice-volume-1.html

I love your work!