so this is Friday...

Things look a lot like this today..many packages awaiting their pick up. And, the rest of the goodies going to the art show with me tomorrow. If you're in the mid-Michigan area, I hope you'll stop by and say hi. I'll be in booth #83, at the Michigan State University union. And, you can get a cape from one of my favorite Etsy sellers there too. Because every kid on your list really needs one. Happy shopping!


these trees

my dreamy winter friends can now be found on my website or etsy shop.


The Ladies

Three new lovely ladies, added to my website.


let it snow, let it snow...

Our first snow...well it snowed the other night here, but we weren't home, so this is our "official" first snow. My little man, walked around the house for hours talking about snow balls, until I finally gave in and got him all bundled up. I think I will like winter a lot more when my kids can dress themselves. :)
My holiday newsletter went out today. (yeah! finally.) I tried a new format, which proved a little troublesome. So, hopefully, you received it. If not, please use the form here to be added. And, I promise you'll be rewarded with a nice little discount code in your inbox.


Friday Night Lights

Bear with me while I get caught up again....and into a more regular posting schedule again. I really don't know where this month has gone.
The photos above make me realize how much I miss walking around the city at night. The lights, the river, stopping into the corner bar for a warm up and a drink with friends, toasty cinnamon almonds. Mmmm, all so good.


Random Happiness

Today I have had random bursts of online happiness. The first came when I saw the showcase I curated on the front page of Trunkt. I would love to have each item in this group. The one thing I do own is the "Insomnia" print from Elista which hangs proudly above the corner of my desk to keep me company while I work late at night. My most favorite item, and most unattainable has to be this. The more luxurious version of the $12 red, vintage bag I carry from my little corner antique store. I can only imagine how beautiful this bag must be, which is funny because up until I had kids I never cared to carry around more than a tiny wallet.

My second bit of fun came through this post on Beach Bungalow8. I spent a good amount of time drooling over every detail of Courtney's home, wanting to move right in. Her colors and style are exactly what I would want in my dream home. And, then to my surprise right in the 18th photo are my "Beach Birds and Umbrellas" and "Surf" photos! Seeing customers photographs framed in their home really makes my day, and especially in a space as gorgeous as this.


Player and Friends

I love horse photographs, but until last weekend I have had very little contact with any actual horses. And, then we met Player, Penny, and their friends, the sweetest horses I could imagine.
Player liked to sneak up on me while I was photographing the others, and silently rest his head on my shoulder. He was always watching me, curious about the camera, or rather why I was holding that thing instead of scratching his nose. His portrait can be found in my shop or on my website.


Poppy Talk Handmade

4 month old cutie, Rugby says go checkout Poppy Talk Handmade the coolest online market of handmade items, starting a fresh month today! (How can you resist that face?)


Trick or Treat

New sweet treats for my shop . Bright and sunny, just like today.
Hope you are all enjoying a happy Friday afternoon!


Creature Comforts-Gift Guide

One of my favorite blogs, Creature Comforts, has just posted their Holiday Gift Guide. Not only were they kind enough to include my photography, but there are so many other great shops offering fabulous specials and coupons. I am especially excited to see this from Show Pony whose adorable bags I have been coveting since discovering them on Etsy this week. Happy Shopping!