Half the Sky

It was probably close to a year ago when I first saw the "Mei, Mei" book at Barnes and Noble while browsing the photography section. And, after learning about the Half the Sky foundation I knew I wanted to help this organization. And, right now you can help too, by placing a bid on some of the items in their annual auction. I have donated my yellow koi photograph which will be sent to the highest bidder directly from me at the end of the auction. (And, I must say wow! thank you to all of those who have bid so far. You have really exceeded my expectations. ) If you miss the auction, don't worry you can always donate anytime right here.


Nora said...

Such a nice gesture Alicia! What a great foundation. I favorited the ebay search to check out the auction later.

Anonymous said...

Wow-what a moving book that looks to be.

This auction is a wonderful thing to be involved in. It is great to see the generosity there.

Thanks for making me aware of this foundation.


Alicia said...

The book is incredibly moving. I cry every time I look at it. Makes me want to adopt 10 kids.

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