The photos above were taken a few nights ago, on the last of our 80 degree days. It has not settled into more seasonable 50 degree weather. I felt really unprepared as I sat a N.J.'s soccer practice last night shivering. So, today looks like the day we will pull all our winter accessories out of the basement. And, if none of them fit or the mittens have magically lost their partners over the winter I am hitting my favorite Etsy shops.
Last year I got the kids the best little hats from Cite Fuzz, so warm and too cute when they both were wearing them. Right now I am lusting over these mittens for myself. But, I see new colors are coming out so I may make a request for some red ones. And, speaking of autumn accessories, this may be the must have of the season. If you can make that you are my hero. Or, this for a baby girl. I so wish Etsy was around when my bald baby girl was in need of some rockin' pink hair.

Making my week extra special is the fact that Sweet Jan at PoppyTalk has named this the "cool blog of the week". I am so flattered by this, especially since hers is one of my most favorite. Thank you!

I hope you all have a great weekend, we have lots of plans including the start of week 2 of our bathroom remodel. The 30 year old wall paper has come down and it is time to paint! Cheers!

***For my international friends, I have now added, Canada, the UK, and Australia shipping to my website, with free shipping on gift certificates.


Karen said...

The colors in your photos are amazing---they are, personally, my favorite colors in the world. I don't think I've seen one of your photos that I don't like! Beautiful work. (Wish I could take pictures like that! I need to get out the camera more :)

Nora said...

Well deserved "Cool Blog of the Week" award. Your photos are beautiful! I am in the process of changing up some things in my room in the near future....hmmmm

The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

Your work is beautiful... it has sort of a wistful, dreamy quality. Congrats. on the Cool pick of the week... you definitely deserve it.

Noah J Orr said...

Alicia - your photographs are inspiring - I love your blog! I linked to it from my blog as well. Keep up the great work!