Saturday Shopping- Etsy

I spend a lot of time on Etsy, mostly in my own shop, but I do come across many beautiful shops in my conversations and browsing. So, I have decided to highlight one of my newly discovered favorite shops each week with Etsy goodies you should be buying...well, someone has to or I will be tempted. As we start thinking about holiday shopping I hope this encourages you all, (or at least my husband) to shop handmade, for those one of a kind items that make your friends and family feel as special as they are.

Today my Saturday morning wandering took me to Lucky Me Beads, where I would shop just for the product photos alone, the handwriting on the chalk board is perfection. But, lucky for us, Whitney Phippen does make lovely jewelry and made from recycled pieces too! I adore this silhouette necklace, which is customized with the photo of your choice, your kids, your cat, your true love... They remind me of fall, back to school and class pictures, none of which I am overly fond of, but mixed together they have a certain charm.

Photographs © Lucky Me Beads


whitney said...

Thank You so much for such a sweet mention.
I really like your photographs and your style. I'll be checking back. Have a great day!

HighlandGhillie said...

that's so funny....I was just admiring those pendants the other day!