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Ahh, four year old soccer...probably the funniest thing I have ever seen. There is very little actual soccer that occurs, and it is usually in the wrong direction. The top photo is them "practicing". Only one boy looks like he may be listening to the coaches. My girl seems most concerned with making new friends, talking to them, and what color shorts she should wear to her game.
And, my poor boy who wants to play more than most of them, has to sit on the sidelines with me, pure torture.


Dandelions & Daisies Photography said...

I am so with you!! The girls crack me up....we are in the 5/6 year olds so they are focusing only slightly more! The best was the little girl practicing her buddah centering and in the meantime the kids rolled by her kicking a goal!

daisies said...

sooo cute ~ i remember when my son was that age playing soccer, he would stand in the middle of the field and pick dandelions ... now he's 13 and there's no standing around, lol ... lovely photos :)

Cathy said...

how cute - your photos are gorgeous! i love watching little ones play sport - too too cute :)