Customer Appreciation

Recently two wonderful customers sent me these photographs of my artwork in their home. Selling unmatted prints, I often wonder if they ever make it up on the wall, probably because I have a few of my own purchases still unframed, in the back of my closet. This is especially more prone to happening if the artwork is odd sized (which my square ttv shots are).
Luckily, have noticed more shops like Ikea, Target and Pottery Barn are selling square size frames with matboard included, making framing easy and affordable.
I also just tried out this ebay frame store (thanks so a tip from another great customer) and was very happy with their frames, which come in tons of square sizes. So, there really is no excuse anymore for not having your artwork framed and on display.

Thank you both for so graciously sharing your homes! It makes my day.


dc said...

I just found your work through Etsy and I purchased my first or what I'm sure will be many prints. You've got a great eye and a mastery of the tools. Shoot all you want, we'll buy more.

Manic Trout said...

I have three of your prints in the Pottery Barn Gallery Frames, which have generous mats and black frames and they look magnificent!

Frankie Kins said...

They look even more spectacular matted and framed! Very, very cool!

HighlandGhillie said...

They look fantastic! I'm always interested to see how people frame my prints.
also...thanks for the ideas of where to find frames.