Have you visited modishoppe lately?
Several of my photographs are now for sale there, as well as many other lovelies, like


After Midnight

Staying up to late, dancing and eating... this is our week. Our favorite Floridians are here visiting, we wouldn't expect anything less.


Saturday Shopping- Etsy

I spend a lot of time on Etsy, mostly in my own shop, but I do come across many beautiful shops in my conversations and browsing. So, I have decided to highlight one of my newly discovered favorite shops each week with Etsy goodies you should be buying...well, someone has to or I will be tempted. As we start thinking about holiday shopping I hope this encourages you all, (or at least my husband) to shop handmade, for those one of a kind items that make your friends and family feel as special as they are.

Today my Saturday morning wandering took me to Lucky Me Beads, where I would shop just for the product photos alone, the handwriting on the chalk board is perfection. But, lucky for us, Whitney Phippen does make lovely jewelry and made from recycled pieces too! I adore this silhouette necklace, which is customized with the photo of your choice, your kids, your cat, your true love... They remind me of fall, back to school and class pictures, none of which I am overly fond of, but mixed together they have a certain charm.

Photographs © Lucky Me Beads



Reading this post today made me think of this place. The house we almost bought this summer, (until our inspection went so badly we didn't feel house wasn't safe for the kids to live in), the home that broke my heart so much I haven't been able to write about it for months.

I still don't know what to say. But, I just wanted to have it here since it took up so much of my thoughts and time this summer.

92 years old...the estate of a lovely photographer. Now empty for a year. You could feel its spirit, the families that it had come before us, the grandness that had once been. The house I will compare all future houses to...

N.J. and I went to say good-bye awhile ago, to peak in the windows and talk about "our" bedrooms, so covered with ivy we could only guess where they began. Even in it's rapidly deteriorating state I still wanted to move right in.


game on

Ahh, four year old soccer...probably the funniest thing I have ever seen. There is very little actual soccer that occurs, and it is usually in the wrong direction. The top photo is them "practicing". Only one boy looks like he may be listening to the coaches. My girl seems most concerned with making new friends, talking to them, and what color shorts she should wear to her game.
And, my poor boy who wants to play more than most of them, has to sit on the sidelines with me, pure torture.


So we tried so very hard to get some pretty family photos in the dress I previously gushed so much about. But, the night just didn't turn out the way I expected. Our timing was all off, (who knew the sun goes down so early these days.) Another 30 minutes and it may have been great.
But most of the time the kids were not at all happy and wanted to go home. And, really who can blame them because as soon as the sun dipped down 1000's of mosquitoes came out thinking we were their dinner. The only picture I like is this one. Not our whole family, but of the only boy I want to kiss in a mosquito filled field. Aint love grand.


S.P on Green

A rare shot of the quick footed Sweetie Pie. I am surprised she sat here long enough for me to get all my ttv gear aligned and in focus. Maybe I am just used to 20 lb. cats, but she is still so tiny to me. At 6 months she is proving to be a good friend and sits on my lap most mornings as I check my favorite blogs.



New blooms in my shop!


summer's last days

Scenes from a summer barbecue...
Thanks to all of you who joined us at our last minute party. It sure beat a day of painting trim, and working on my website.
Speaking of the site, have you been there lately? I am in the process of giving the site a whole new look, and adding new photographs. For those of you who have requested different sizes from the standard 8x8 or 8x10's I offer on Etsy this the place to find them.


Customer Appreciation

Recently two wonderful customers sent me these photographs of my artwork in their home. Selling unmatted prints, I often wonder if they ever make it up on the wall, probably because I have a few of my own purchases still unframed, in the back of my closet. This is especially more prone to happening if the artwork is odd sized (which my square ttv shots are).
Luckily, have noticed more shops like Ikea, Target and Pottery Barn are selling square size frames with matboard included, making framing easy and affordable.
I also just tried out this ebay frame store (thanks so a tip from another great customer) and was very happy with their frames, which come in tons of square sizes. So, there really is no excuse anymore for not having your artwork framed and on display.

Thank you both for so graciously sharing your homes! It makes my day.