Best Dressed

I have a dress, well not just a dress, the dress. Perfect vintage, in a perfect shade of blue. Sitting on a chair in my bedroom in all its exquisite beauty just waiting to be photographed. But People Magazine will keep a girl very busy, (for which I am forever thankful!)
And, so in between trips to the post office I occasionally peak in on my flickr favorites to gaze upon those who have done dresses so very right, and dream of the day that my little dress will be among them.


Susannah said...

i spy one of mine in that fabulous mix :-) Congratulations on your mention in People mag!

I am Jen said...

I love those pics especially Mariah's dress (?). I am kind of falling into that vintage-romantic feel also with my clothing. I love it. Congrats on being busy. It's always welcomed, but tiring.

chocolate girl said...

mine is sitting here right now, calling my name....but it's a shorts and tee's kinda day, so it will have to wait for later.

i must come out of 'lurk land' and tell you, YOU inspire me! your photos are have truly touched me, moved me and i love them oh so much. thank you for sharing your blessed gift with the world! and here's to many more magazines/goodness showcasing your beautiful works of art.

with love,