Best Dressed

I have a dress, well not just a dress, the dress. Perfect vintage, in a perfect shade of blue. Sitting on a chair in my bedroom in all its exquisite beauty just waiting to be photographed. But People Magazine will keep a girl very busy, (for which I am forever thankful!)
And, so in between trips to the post office I occasionally peak in on my flickr favorites to gaze upon those who have done dresses so very right, and dream of the day that my little dress will be among them.


Chic Up Your Cubicle

On the newstand now. The People Magazine Style Watch-September Edition. My Bow photograph is on page 64!
( Thanks so much to Izabug letting me know.) I love how the Indie community watches out for eachother!)



A few weekend shots to get me through until I have the time to get to the rest of them, which looks like to will be awhile from now. I couldn't resist those eyes. And, the sweet moment between my girl and her dad who were up for a sunset swim when the rest of us were in jeans and jackets.


take flight

I am off... in search of a relaxing beach, some sunshine, and good friends.
Hope you have a peaceful weekend too!


Etsy Contest Announced

Wow! is all I can say. Thanks so much to the 54 people who included my photographs in their contest beautiful contest enteries.! You can see the winners here.



With my husband as inspiration I've mentally committed to running another 5k next month.
I "ran" in one last month, but did horribly due to the fact that I decided to run the night before, had no music, and was pushing my 2 year old in the jogging stroller. We got stuck behind a pack of slow walkers for a long time, which lead to an embarrassing finish time.

Next time I will do it right without kids, and my new little friend pictured above.

The problem with my ipod is that I will never be able to fill the whole thing, even as tiny as it is. I like music, but am not really into music, and I could happily survive on an island with nothing more than my Dave and some Stevie Nicks . (No, I don't "know" Dave, he is just my imaginary friend. But my real friend Matt and I like to talk about him like any day Dave is going to call us and ask us to join him on tour. )

So right now, I only have 42 songs...most of which are really girly and not great for running. So, if you have any recommendations (preferably something I can easily get from itunes) and preferably single songs because I don't have the attention span to listen to a whole record, I will be thankful, and think of you when I am out on the track gasping for breath.


Ready, Set, Go

There are very few reasons I will get up at 6:30am on a rainy Sunday, but give me some middle aged men in speedo swimsuits and bathing caps, and I'll be there!

Actually, my favorite man was racing in his first triathalon, so the kids in their p.j.'s and I packed up our pom-pom's and headed out early to watch the rain clear, and my husband swim 500 meters, bike 10 miles, and run a 5K. He did a fabulous job. And, we were so proud to be surrounded by such athletic goodness (being that rest of the family isn't qualified to do anything more strenuous than a hard core shopping spree at the mall).


Vintage Camera Love

Could there be a cuter Etsy front page? I am loving all the vintage cameras, and my photograph in the middle. Happy Saturday!


friday's child

Friday Happiness:
1. These photos and their blue-green background. (Of course, I have added them to my shop.)
2. This SATC News (yes, I really care. kind of sad, isn't it.)
3. These foundling earrings which will match everything you own and come from one of the nicest sellers on Etsy. (So hurry and buy the other pair!)
4. this photo I discovered on flickr today, which makes me want to grab a waterproof camera and find a nice pool.

from the kitchen

Is it really Friday already? It has been a slow week of catching up around here, and doing lots of baking with my little assistants. I feel like I have been in the kitchen all week. Last night we used my ever faithful cobbler receipe from my middle school Home Ec class. I love my awkward 7th grade handwriting on it, and the math? Why is that there? I was either figuring out some wierd cooking conversion, or most likely finishing my math homework before it was due in the next hour.
Today I think we will step away from the oven and see what is happening in the world...See you there.


Surf Revisited

We are back from the art show, slowly recovering, and slowly putting all of the art back into storage until the next show. I spent a lot of time at the show talking about my "through the viewfinder" process, and about this photo in particular, which made me come home and wonder if there were any more surfer boy shots I had overlooked. And, then I came across this one, sort of a prequel to the original. The talk before the surf perhaps? I love the blue of the sky contrasting with the bright red of the board and have added this new piece to my Etsy shop here.
Speaking of Etsy, I always love meeting other Etsy sellers in person, and was finally able to say "hi" to Stephanie of Beetle Lady Books. Her journals are incredibly lovely. And I am especially fond of this one, which would make a great anytime gift for the writer in your life. We had to hold up a lot of traffic to meet eachother so our visit was short, but will catch up again at the next show I am sure.
Hope your week is off to a good start!


Think Pink

I entered the Decor 8 & Fabulous Stationary contest...Did you?
You still have 6 days left...lots of time to get creative. Someday, I will blend all of these photos into my dream girly office. No boys or kids allowed.

(You can check out all of the entries here.)


blue and red

Summer afternoon treats for a too hot day.

Luckily we met up with some friends this morning at the sprinkler park, with hopes that the kids would sleep away the afternoon. One baby down, one to go. I would love a long nap myself, but I have an art show on Saturday to prepare for, so if I am not around much for the rest of the week you can be sure I am here matting, framing and packing up the booth.

(And, a special thank you to A Room Somewhere for including me in her blog's Etsy week! I am so happy she is sharing her favorite Etsyians with us, and can't wait to see what the rest of the week brings.