where journeys begin

I just read that Michigan has 124 lighthouses, more than any other state, who knew? And, that this is the most photographed one. It is certainly the one I have photographed the most, but then again I have apparently only seen a handful of them on my travels. Apparently there is still a lot of coastline left for me to discover.
My new photograph titled "where journeys begin is available in my shop.
And, if you'd like to learn more about our states lighthouses this is a good place to start. The links show a nice picture and map of each. Happy travels.


Sweet Spice said...

that is a beautiful photo, one that just pulls you in...makes me want to go over there an explore inside!! =o)


Shawn said...

I had no idea there were so many. I was actually just across the channel from this one last night. :) So fun to see it through your lens. Beautiful photo! And thanks for the link. What a great resource. :)

Pamela Hochschartner Viola said...

very, very lovely!


Amy said...

Wow, just breathtaking! We just purchased a beach house and are going to be renevating it soon! This would look FAB in any room! Great work, you are an inspiration!
Amy :)

heather said...

just found your etsy and then your blog. i just scrolled down and saw this picture! i grew up in holland- my whole life until getting married. this picture is total summer to me! we live in new mexico now- miles from the beach! thank you for a great summer feeling! you take gorgeous pictures!