I between all of the kids birthday festivities of this weekend, I took a little peak at my fair photographs. I love this one because of the backwards letters on the ticket sign. With ttv (viewfinder) shots everything is backwards. I usually don't notice it, but in this case it is hard to miss. It can now be found here in my shop!


littlegreen said...

beautiful!! I know this sounds silly, but what is the kind of camera you are using? a viewfinder??

Alicia said...

Yes, I use one of my many viewfinders, in this case an Argus 75. Here is a link to an old post describing the process with links to other great ttv sites.

littlegreen said...

oh my goodness, that is incredible... I didn't even know that that was such a popular thing, i've never even heard of it, I will have to go home and try it now, how interesting, anyhow, your work is BEAUTiful!!!

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

Oh, now I understand! We were in a treasury together and I was wondering why it was backwards (and was loving it at the same time).

This is a fantastic image. Magical.