Summer Resolution #2- Explore

I adore this girl, she is such a good mix of really girly, and tom-boy. She loves worms, frogs, firefiles and most other crawly things, and spends a good amount of time each day trying to catch something, not minding to get dirty or messy, though usually wearing some sort of ball gown, costume, and possibly some high heels.

This lady bug hitched a ride inside in her hair today, and she spent the next hour letting the lady bug climb over her body. The lady bug was supposed to go back out to live with her bug family tonight, but I think it got lost somewhere in my sunroom where it will probably mutiple into a million more lady bugs. At least I have my little bug wrangler here to usher them out into the world.


Mrs.Kwitty said...

Oh she is such a doll--and so cute with her new little friend, lol.
Smiles, Karen

beachbungalow8 said...

these are so great. love that top photo. i want you to photograph my kids!

I am Jen said...

How funny. I remember in Iowa how the lady bugs would be all over the place in the fall. One is nice though.

Lanedesigns said...

Those are the cutest pics. I love the ladybug in the hair.