in the garden

Yesterday afternoon N.J. and I toured some of the lovely gardens of my dream neighborhood in the city, making me even more anxious to fix our house up, and move over there as soon possible. We tested an oh so comfortable hammock, sipped lemonade, made new friends, and practically skipped down the sidewalk from one gorgeous house to the other.

I spend a good amount of time complaining about this city, and a lot of time feeling like I don't fit in here. But, it is nice to know just a few miles away there is a whole little world where people like me, who would rather live in a house from 1915 and don't want to contribute to the sprawling monocromatic subdivisions outside of town, go to live.

Thank you to all of the lovely families to let us into their gardens. You, and your homes are all so charming.
A special thanks to Patricia at craft synergy for posting her interview with me today!
And many, many Happy Birthday wishes to my favorite lady! xoxoxo


Vintage Indie said...

This post hits a familiar chord with me as I feel the same way as you. I don't live in a subdivision but way to close for my ears and walls. ( walls that vibrate to the sound of base non stop & no friendly neighbors here either). Good luck with your new soon to be neighborhood. :o)

Marysusan Noll said...

We bought a place built in 1885 in a little village on LI for the same reason. We didn't want to be part of that sprawl when we could have community and character. Good luck Alicia!

I am Jen said...

The lighting is beautiful and these pictures are amazing.

terri said...

Lovely hammock photo - great light and of course, darling subject!

I hear you on the suburbs. We live in sort of inner suburbs, but still...I would give my right arm to live in a character house in a character town, so that (being the doesn't-fit-in character that I am), I might finally fit.

You are not alone! :)

daisies said...

you are so not alone !! we moved into our house last year which is minutes from downtown in a charming cute neighbourhood with little stores of independent art, book and antique stores, a big old bed and brekkie and even an organic ukranian restaurant, lol ... i live in a 60+ year old house full of charm and colour with big old elm trees lining our street and the surrounding streets ~ love love love it.

i love wandering around, meeting neighbours and enjoying the eclectic different houses, each one a unique gem all its own. :)