midsummer night

wishing you a sweet midsummer weekend, from my garden to yours...


Metal and Petals

What a gorgeous Etsy front page this afternoon. And, I am not just saying that because my
Faded photograph is included. I love the well mixed balance of earthy tones, and all of the gorgeous jewelry, which is probably my biggest etsy downfall.

I read a great post on Etsy seller Fearless Fiber's website about the importance of shopping on sites like Etsy which support local independent sellers. Everyday I am thankful that I have found etsy and sites like trunkt which are developing wonderful communities and providing an opportunity for artists across the world to share themselves and their products.


tuesday pink

girly, romantic, and old fashioned.


blue-grey morning

Today was different than most Mondays, quiet and easy. And, I woke up with the urge to create something that reflected the calm in our home.

I am really pleased how this new piece blue-grey morning turned out. And, mostly that it all came together so quickly.

One of my biggest challenges is the learning curve in being a self-taught artist. And, the amount of time it takes to learn the vast amounts of information about my craft. I often wonder how different my art would look if I had studied photography in college rather than the more practical subjects my parents chose for me. My method for teaching myself has just been to read and experiment in any spare moment, to take lots of pictures and learn from the ones I like. But, today I felt my confidence changing. I didn't need to take a hundreds of pictures hoping that I would like one. I knew after 5 that I had caputured the image I wanted, and that I could leave things alone and be happy. So simple and easy. I could really get used to this.



Happy Friday! After a long week today is a welcome relief. We have been enjoying the perfect weather, planting a few tomato plants (which I may be a month late for, grow quick before the frost comes!), creating some new art for my shop, and looking forward to a family date night with my favorite Chinese carryout for dinner. And on top of it all I have the perfect new pair of jeans to wear. Because nothing says Friday night, like a great pair of jeans and getting out into the city with my loves.


at the shore

Scenes from a night at the beach... (and the airstream photo can be found as a notecard in my shop! )


Friday Fun

Well it's official! After many months of talk, I am now offering portraits sessions for the Lansing area. If last night is any indication of how things will go, I think the Senior portraits will be my favorite. It was another gorgeous night, with an incredibly beautiful client. I feel so lucky! I could sit and work on her photographs all day, but everyone around here is anxious for a beach day, and so off we go.

Speaking of the beach, I have to give a huge thanks Megan at beachbungalow8 for featuring me on her most stylish blog today. I love reading about her daily finds from her little seaside retreat, and am honored to be one of them.
Hope you all have a beachy weekend too.


nothing's better than a good girlfriend

I loved photographing these friends yesterday. They were gorgeous, but what really shined through was how good of friends they are, so comfortable with eachother. It makes me miss my best girlfriends and remember how it is to be so free. I hope you have many more sweet summer days together...


Partners, Couples, Friends

My flickr favorites are popping up in lovely shades of blue-green. This makes my eyes so happy. In honor of my girlfriends portrait session that I worked on tonight, I thought I would share the best couples portrait I have seen lately. And, the most adorable partnering. What are the chances I can get my girl to sit like that...probably none, but I may spend all summer trying.
Hopefully, I will have a post tomorrow with the highlights of tonight's session. I am probably as excited as the girls are to see how they turned out...


Textures and Tones

Experiments in texture and vintage color...


Picking Daisies

My neighbor and I had yard sales yesterday, in the wind and heat, with our kids running back and forth. And, back and forth. They got into lots of trouble and by the end of the day had had enough togetherness and being at home. And, so we left our mess and headed for greener, wide open spaces. It was the perfect summer night, warm, breezy and full of daisies.


Washed Ashore

The third day in a row of rain...and if I can't be out in the sunshine, at least I can work on these sunny day photos from days gone by, and live in my beachy daydreams.
I'm adding them all to my Etsy Shop right now, I think they'd make a lovely set.


Summer Afternoon

Summer afternoons with friends are good for...
frog searching adventures,
cooling off in a fountain,
coming home exhausted and napping on the couch...


Days Gone By...

What a difference a few days make...the dogwoods are just about done for the year. But, I prefer the faded blooms with their yellowing edges and bits of pollen bursting out. For a flower with only 4 petals they make such a grand statement.