Welcome Sweetie Pie

If you have come in contact with my daughter over the last few days you have heard we were picking up our new kitten tonight. And, about how sweet the kitten is. So, sweet she had to be named Sweetie Pie, even though many perfectly lovely names were suggested that did not make my husband cringe to say them. So far the little S.P. is living up to her name, tollerating the huge amounts of love she has recieved from the kids who follow her constantly around the house and threaten to step on her if she moves too quick. I am pretty sure I heard a little sigh of relief from her when they fell asleep tonight.
Sleep well little baby...there is a whole lot more tail pulling, and crazy toys in your face just waiting to happen tomorrow.
...more overly cute kitten shots coming soon.


miss Mia said...

oh SP is sooo CUTE congrats on your new kitty! her name is perfect

MewPaperArts said...

What a sweet and precious little lamb...I loved it when my dad finally allowed me to get a kitten at about that age!