Welcome Sweetie Pie

If you have come in contact with my daughter over the last few days you have heard we were picking up our new kitten tonight. And, about how sweet the kitten is. So, sweet she had to be named Sweetie Pie, even though many perfectly lovely names were suggested that did not make my husband cringe to say them. So far the little S.P. is living up to her name, tollerating the huge amounts of love she has recieved from the kids who follow her constantly around the house and threaten to step on her if she moves too quick. I am pretty sure I heard a little sigh of relief from her when they fell asleep tonight.
Sleep well little baby...there is a whole lot more tail pulling, and crazy toys in your face just waiting to happen tomorrow.
...more overly cute kitten shots coming soon.



Scenes from a summer evening...


Sweet Pink

Our yard is framed by these lovely soft pink peony bushes. At least 10 of them over 4 feet wide and needing a good trim. For these few days they will be gorgeous, and then the rain will come and pull the large blooms to the ground. And, then we will have to wait another year before we smell their sweet scent again.
This weekend I plan to bask in the familiarity of my home, finishing a few projects, working in the yard, family walks. Since most of our friends and neighbors are out of town, it will be just the four of us. Which after the rush and company of last weekend, just us sounds... just perfect.
I hope your weekend is too.


blue moon kind of day

It certainly felt like summer today, 87 degrees and sunny. I made my girl work for her ice cream as we walked through campus in the noon heat looking for some interesting backgrounds for portrait work. I am hoping to schedule some Lansing area senior high school portraits this summer, and love the texture of the old university buildings and the grand old trees.


Sunny Tuesday Smiles

Looking over my favorite photos on flickr today made me smile. So many beautiful faces looking at me. I only hope to one day have a tiny bit of the talent and skill that went into creating these images. I found this photograph yesterday, and was amazed by the detail, and finally gave in and bought the same lens that was used in it. I am really excited to try it on some new portrait sessions I have coming up, but even more happy with my purchase after seeing how lovely it works for landscapes as well. Now I just have to find a dramatic hillside with stunningly large clouds. This is one of the most beautiful photographs I have ever seen. And, this is just perfect. I hope the sun is shining on you too! Happy Tuesday.


Off to the Show

I have missed my blog in the last 10 days, but preparing for this weekends' art show has taken most of my time. If you are in the East Lansing area this weekend I hope you will stop by my booth (on the corner of Grand River and Abbott) just outside the MSU Union. A Saturday afternoon trip would be ideal so you can catch the charming Steppin' In It boys in action, on a nearby patio in the sun. I am hopeful it will be a great show...a least I am mobile this year, and not hugely pregnant or on crutches like the previous years. And, I am excited to see how the mid Michigan crowd responds to the new TTV photographs which I have spent many hours matting this week. Here's wishing you a great weekend too! See you at the show.


miss willmott & friends

New spring blooms now in my shop...


The Long Road Home

I ended up alone in this orchard last Thursday night, just as the sun was setting. I had so hoped my pretty girl would come with me to have her picture taken, but in the end she refused. Choosing to stay inside and play with her cousin instead. While I was there my cell phone rang twice, and it got cold really quickly. Nothing went according to plan.
Now, I see these few pictures as symbols of our month ahead, which is sure to be challenging for our family. I plan for many frustrating moments, but hopefully mixed with pieces of golden light.



What a great way to start off the week. 15 fabulous Etsy sellers featured on the Domino Magazine Blog, including me! (number 12). I love, love, love Domino Magazine. So, to be on their site is a huge honor. And, a special thanks to the always fabulous Holly from decor8 for putting this together. I love all the indie artists she has picked, and hope to one day own a piece from each of them for my collection. Happy Monday!